Charming Pop Tune from Flying Fish Cove

Seattle’s Flying Fish Cove first popped up on my radar with their excellent EP for Jigsaw Records in 2018; they’ve recently announced the follow-up, and today we have another poppy gem to indulge your sweet tooth. Keys and jangling guitars kick things off, you’ll be bouncing in a matter of minutes; those opening 30 seconds remind me of a “Boys Don’t Cry” era Cure, but in the end the song fits with other great acts like Jetstream Pony. In a year when indiepop has been few and far between, this is definitely shaping up to be a must have release; look for At Moonset to drop April 5th via Help Yourself Records.

The Berries Deliver Country Rock Tune

Seattle based artist Matt Berry has long been making a name for himself on the West Coast with a variety of musical projects such as Happy Diving and Big Bite. Never satisfied with the status quo, Matt has a new project called The Berries with a debut album coming out soon. The premiere track from this new work is called “Security Blues” which features much more of a slowed down, country inspired sound in sharp contrast to the usual rock n roll vibe from Berry. This song certainly has some rock tendencies to it, but I like the veer towards the Americana genre.

The Berries will release Start All Over Again on October 26th via Help Yourself Records.

Vomitface Sign to Help Yourself Records

vomitfaceI’m definitely intrigued with the new singing that’s just joined up with Help Yourself Records, Vomitface. There’s something about their sound, borrowing from some of the exploration Sonic Youth used, whilst taking on this sludgy guitar tone. I think perhaps the one thing I miss from this new single is a sort of volume explosion, perhaps some erraticism, but it’s a solid tune, nonetheless. This song appears on Hooray for Me, which comes out on August 26th. It’s in the vein of almost-spastic art rock, should that be your thing.

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Sick Sad World Garage Rock Supreme

sswI’m sure everyone is waiting for some new genre to break through to the masses, but in the meantime the combination of surf/garage rock is still alive and kicking…and it always deserves mention when it’s done as well as Sick Sad World‘s new single.  There’s a propulsive drum beat, though nothing outlandish; it holds the beat perfectly for the guitar work of Jake Jones to kick in with some solid power riffs.  Say what you want about the genre growing weary, but when it’s execute this well, I can’t help but turn it up and rock on out.  Look for the band’s new album, Fear and Lies, on April 21st via Help Yourself Records.

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