Start Monday with Alexander F

Alex Toth has enlisted the help of some heavy hitters, with his new project Alexander F featuring members of Perfect Pussy, Skaters and Here We Go Magic (all bands we like). There’s almost a krautrock drive to the opening moments of the band’s new single, with lyrics seemingly stepping on top of each other. But, through the track’s progression, you’ll hear that burst of pop that you were hoping someone would run to kick off your Monday. It’s a pretty welcoming statement, letting us all enjoy in the power that pop music has to offer. The self titled album will be out on February 10th, so with this track, listen, rinse and repeat.

Striking New Luke Temple Tune

luketempleAdmittedly, Luke Temple is hit or miss with me. There were some tracks he built with Here We Go Magic that will forever live in my memory, yet others, they just didn’t grasp me. That being said, this new tune he’s just let loose is pretty memorable; I love how every note here almost feels like it’s being plucked from the strings. His voice continues to impress as well, especially as it rises right at the 2 minute mark. Some guys, they just have a gift, and I’ll go out on a limb and say that Luke’s got it. His new record, A Hand Through the Cellar Door will be released by Secretly Canadian on November 11th.

Show Preview: Here We Go Magic @ the Sidewinder (11.17)

herewegomagicBefore the show season hits a halt and lets us settle into the Holiday season, we should all take advantage of the great traveling acts still coming to our fair city. One such act, who’ve always done well here, is Here We Go Magic; they come into town to play at The Sidewinder tomorrow night at 6:30 PM. The group comes into town supporting their latest release, Be Small, which has been well received far and wide. It focuses on the gentle building of pop structures within the confines of Luke Temple’s mind, always sounding elaborate and ornate simultaneously. Joining them will be Brooklyn’s Big Thief and local up-and-comers Cross Record; I promise you that Cross Record will be the band on everyone’s lips next year, if they aren’t already. Show is $12 HERE, with doors at 6:30 PM…so you can get home and get some sleep.


More From Here We Go Magic

herewegomagicI was just talking to someone this weekend about Here We Go Magic and how the band almost seems like a local product with how much they are in town and how much we all love them.  Somehow the band has managed to stay popular, relevant, and evolve their sound over the years while we continue to support.  I’m excited today to be sharing this new single from the band called “Tokyo London US Korea”.  To me, it’s rather impressive how much the band has grown up and matured since their beginnings.

Be Small is out on October 16th via Secretly Canadian.

Here We Go Magic Share “Ordinary Feeling”

herewegomagicIt’s been an interesting progression for Here We Go Magic. They had a lot of success with their initial sound, blending elements of folk with psychedelic flare (before it was cool).  But, as of late, it looks like Luke Temple has cleaned up his approach, providing the band with a more delicate touch. You can still hear elements of the atmospheric flourishes leaking into this song, especially during the perceived chorus (it has a cool J Spacemen feel if you’re into that), but by and large the song seems held back to a certain degree. I’m really interested to hear what all of Be Small sounds like when its released by Secretly Canadian on October 16th.

Here We Go Magic Are Back!

unnamed-2So Here We Go Magic have finally announced their return to the music scene with a new album and by sharing this robust and snappy single, “Falling,” from that upcoming record. This newest effort from the crew is called Be Small, and it’s slated for release on October 16th via Secretly Canadian. If the sound of this new single is any indication of the caliber of tracks on said record, then it looks like we’re in for a treat. “Falling,” starts out like other Here We Go Magic tracks, as the band tends to build layer atop layer of sound; synths waft in and out and the multiple vocals blend together to create an electro pop dimensionality to the indie pop. What I’m most digging about this track though, is the break down into the real end jam at the 2:20 mark of the song where you really just want to get up out of your chair and dance along. Check out the new song and it’s official video below.

Song Premiere: New Tune from Glass Ghost

glassesThe folks in Dirty Projectors and Here We Go Magic have been crafting arty pop music for some time now, and several members of said groups have united again to continue their work as Glass Ghost.  Tomorrow the band will release their album Lyfe on the heralded Western Vinyl, and it’s being met with much anticipation…from us especially.  In this single, you’ll find those arty elements, including little touches of sampling and quality lyrical writing.  There’s creativity in the songwriting that you’re not likely to find in other corners of the indie genre.  Be sure to pick up your copy this week.


Show Preview: Here We Go Magic @ the Parish (6/19)

Date Saturday, Feb 15th
Location The Parish
Doors 800 pm
Tickets $12 from Frontgate

We’ve been huge fans of Here We Go Magic for years, so we’re always going to encourage you to get out and see their live shows.  The group’s got something going live, with Luke Temple orchestrating vibrant music with his band, creating joying pop music that everyone can appreciate. They come into town supporting their recent release, A Different Ship, which came out a short while ago on Secretly Canadian.  Also making an appearance will be Austin’s Hundred Visions and Moonlight Gram, who I can’t seem to find anything on, but I love a good Field of Dreams reference.  See you Tuesday folks.


Download:Here We Go Magic – Make Up Your Mind [MP3]


Here We Go Magic – A Different Ship

Rating: ★★½☆☆

When Here We Go Magic first jumped onto the scene, it was clear that the work was mostly done by Luke Temple.  But, through two albums it has become clear that the band’s blossomed into more of a group effort. So with their third proper release, A Different Ship, would the title indicate a final change in the music itself? The answer to that question can go both ways, and therein lays the problem.

“Hard to Be Close” is the first track, and while there’s that inherent beauty that you find in Here We Go Magic tracks, but it seems rather subdued.  The percussion is fitting and tight, as I expect from a group of this stature, but there’s not a whole lot else to the song; it’s missing that, oh how do you say, magic. They follow it up with “Make Up Your Mind,” a groovier number than the rest, yet still missing that extra bit of emphasis that early HWGM numbers like “Fangela” contained.  It’s something that seems to be stuck in the overall emotion of A Different Ship.

Take, for instance, “I Believe in Action,” a song that definitely has a bit of a groove living within it, but for some reason, that sound is completely contained within, never being unleashed. Perhaps this is the sort of jam that unfolds before your eyes in the live setting (if you’re to go off the song’s ending), but the recording just doesn’t have a kick to it.  In fact, there’s really not a kick to this entire affair; it’s a slow burner to say the least.  I guess in my listening experience with the band this is the most subdued they’ve come across on record…and that might only be my perception.  Still, Here We Go Magic do possess the craftsmanship to write upbeat tunes that catch your ear.

“How Do I Know” is the lone standout jam.  From the moment Luke Temple sings, you get the feeling that he’s more passionate in this performance than he is on any of the other tracks within A Different Ship.  Even the percussion seems a bit more pronounced on this one, giving a more vibrant mood to the listener.  Honestly, this is the reason I adore the band as a whole, and I think I expected more gems like this one.

I know that bands are allowed to grow and progress throughout their careers, and that’s always appreciated, and in the very least, understood.  Sometimes, however, a group can take it too far, and I feel as if that’s what Here We Go Magic did on A Different Ship.  They took a turn in their recording that may sound cleaner than previous outings, but it left out some of the group’s strengths.  If you’re looking for a calmer, steadier version of the band, you’ll probably find this meets your fancy, but if you’re a nostalgic fan of the group, you might be a little let down. Better luck next time.


Download:Here We Go Magic – Make Up Your Mind [MP3]

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