Slowed Pop from Her’s

Her’s will be dropping their new album, Invitation to Her’s, next week on the 24th, so we’re fortunate to sample one more tune before sliding into next week. This number is a smooth number, working slowing to evoke the maximum emotional appeal. Most of the track revolves around electronic organ sounds providing the groundwork for the circular movement of the guitar lines. Vocals seem disinterested in the pace of things, seemingly working at their own pace; I particularly enjoy the softness of chorus with the bass bubbling in from just beneath. Hopefully you’re into this tune, and if so, maybe you’ll grab the LP next Friday.

Her’s Release A Playful Track

A piece of straight-up playful pop has been unleashed upon the world. Our friends over at Heist or Hit sent word of the latest track from Her’s, a band that has 100% been on the hit side of that label name for the ATH team. The full-length Invitation to Her’s drops August 24th. Starting with a little bit of Casio keyboard drum machine and hook, “Harvey” charms you like a happy secret. It is a pleasant three and half minutes well worth your investment on a Thursday.

Hooked On Hers

When a band throws in Orange Juice and Ariel Pink as their go-to stylistic choices, I’m going to listen, which is one of the many reasons I love this new track from Her’s. The warbly opening leans more towards the Ariel side of things, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that I think there’s a noticeable nod to Julian Casablancas in the way the vocals are delivered. Wrapping up this all in a unique bit of infectiousness puts this Liverpool duo high upon our radar of up-and-comers; look for their limited edition 7″ via Heist or Hit.

Super Single from Hers

Her’s are quickly becoming a new favorite of mine, and now they’re dropping another tune for you to enjoy. In contrast to the immediate infectiousness of “Speed Racer,” this new track takes a moment to turn on the charm, but believe you me, its every bit as enjoyable. The quick vocal turn during the chorus of “I’ll try for you” is perfectly charming, and definitely holds a certain British flare. They’ll be releasing their new collection, Songs of Her’s via Heist or Hit Records on May 12th…so I’ll definitely be in line to grab it.

SXSW Interview: Hers

I know for a fact that B. Gray and I have Hers high up on our list of acts to cover at SXSW. This is the new band that’ll make you want to dance your night away, smiling until the end. They’ll be blowing into Austin, a week after the release of the much anticipated Songs of Hers, so sample a tune below. Mark em’ on your calendar for the fest; it’ll be a hot ticket.

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Fun New Tune from Her’s

There’s a breed of frivolous pop out there that always gets you going, and I think Her’s are crafting precisely that. I can’t help but to recall bits of Junior Senior in their craftsmanship, maybe even mixed in with a little bit of J. Casablancas solo work. I mean, listen to the bass and tell me you don’t want to get up and shake it with the nearest person! Oh, and hand claps! Bring back hand claps! This tune will appear on their new collection, Songs of Her’s,which hits on March 12th via Heist or Hit Records.

Another Gem from Her’s

14633338_1267952883249992_8552119269101912961_oTeam ATH had posted “What Once Was” and “Dorothy” not but a few months ago, Her’s is back with another gem called “Marcel”. If you missed the deets on the band from back then, they are a two-piece, Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading, that met while in school Liverpool. There is a lovely progression and dreamy feel of great pop contrasted with the low-toned vocal that continues the lullaby into a smile. This song is no different and exactly why we like the band.

New Music from Her’s

hersI love a good baritone. While I’ve never actually used it musically, I’ve got a frighteningly deep voice, so it’s good to see that like-voiced individuals can make great pop. This track from Her’s is really great in that fashion, though I like the casually infectious groove that rolls throughout the rest of the track. The tones create this sense of longing, this sense of dreaming, which provides the emotional escapism that many of us look for in our tunes. This track is released on a limited 7″ today, so get it while its hot.

Infectiously Dreamy Pop From Her’s

Her'sOh man, this track is a real winner– possibly my favorite track of the week! Her’sis a duo out of Liverpool that are making jangle pop worthy of your eager ears. This song, “Dorothy,” is really special– there are these edgy guitars that cut through the song over and over again, making for catchy riffs that give it a healthy bounce. Meanwhile the vocals are drenched in a Morrissey-Like quality of emotion and swagger that perfectly matches those ceaseless guitar hooks. To top it all off, there are great juxtaposing oohs that balance everything out and the track ends after a sweet build up. Make sure you take a listen to this song and let it take over your day.