Great Lakes Drop Last Night’s Smoke

Sometimes old habits are hard to kick, and in the case of my appreciation for Americana, I’m almost there…except when it comes to Ben Crum’s Great Lakes. Prepping the band’s 7th album, Contenders, Ben and company released this new single, and I can’t stop just jamming out to it at my desk. It’s got all the elements you’d expect from a Southern rock record, influenced by heavy jams and country licks, but there’s also something really intimate and personal about Ben’s vocal delivery; it sounds like you’re sharing a beer with your poetic best friend…and we could all dig on that vibe. Contenders will be out February 4th via HHBTM.

Good Grief Share How Can I Help Falling in Love

If you’ve not got Good Grief on your radar, might I suggest saving a quick 3 minutes of your day to be sure you have time to jam out. The Liverpool trio are playing this fuzzy guitar pop that lands somewhere between 90s college rock and power-pop, with a little sprinkle of pop-punk/emo thrown in for good measure. Dissonant guitars open before letting the song bound away on this bouncing rhythmic line; the guitars jump in, sharply adding layers to the bop, while the vocals operate as if they’re calling you to arms. For me, it’s all about that chorus though, tossing in a sweet melodic note that gets ushered through real quick thanks to the rushing guitar line. If you love it, and you do, then you’ll want to grab Shake Your Faith, out March 18th via HHBTM and Everything Sucks Music.

Swansea Sound Share Pooh Sticks Video

In case you weren’t in the know, we helped get a cassette copy of the debut from Swansea Sound out into the world last week, but since album’s and videos never die, we wanted to encourage you to watch the band’s video for “The Pooh Sticks.” I’m not sure what’s the star here though…is it the incredible song? I mean, they tease you in with Hue’s casual spoken delivery, then ramp it up with classic jangling pop sounds. But, could it also be the great video designed by Rob and Amelia themselves? Using the record’s collage work style and some live cuts, though I’m pretty sure Rob flies off atop a cymbal. Just another reminder that you might be missing out on one of the sneaky good LPs to drop this year. Grab the tape from us HERE, or maybe an LP from our friends at HHBTM.

Great Lakes Announce Contenders

You ever stumble into a tune that just makes you nostalgic for home? Well, listening to the Ben Crum’s voice on the new single from Great Lakes had me yearning for that feeling, searching my soul for hints of home. I love how the track toys with Americana vibes, particularly as the voice has a wee bit of twang, but it’s still not afraid to put forth a heavy rock vibe that certainly seems like no easy feat. The guitar work and heavy stomp of the rhythm section often seem to work beneath the song’s surface, bubbling up in the chorus, jamming in the interludes, and dragging the song with a heavier hand across the finish land. If you’re into good tunes that feel like comfort food, then jam out here, and look for Contenders when it hits in February 4th via HHBTM.

Happy Release Day to Swansea Sound – Live at the Rum Puncheon Is Out

The perks of running your own site, and your own label, is you can write about what you want and celebrate when you want. So, here we are at ATH, home of ATH Records, celebrating a release we’re super happy to be part of, Swansea Sound and their debut LP, Live at the Rum Puncheon. In case you needed a reminder, you’ve got some heavy-hitters in this band from acts such as Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Pooh Sticks and more. And what better way to celebrate than by letting you stream the whole thing in its fresh entirety below. It’s best listened to at high volumes with open hearts. Grab a tape HERE, or check out the band’s BANDCAMP as there are several other great folks like HHBTM handling various media.

Swansea Sound Share Rock n’ Roll Void Video

We recently announced that our label arm, ATH Records, would be stepping outside of Austin this year; we were stoked to announce we’d be working with Swansea Sound, featuring members of Heavenly, Pooh Sticks, Catenary Wires, etc. Well, now we have another fresh video from the band’s forthcoming Live at the Rum Puncheon. It’s the opening track on their LP, with Hue starring in the front of this tune, in both song and video. It’s good to see that Amelia’s catching up on her reading, particularly as there’s a great Felt/the Servants/Talulah Gosh flier right behind her for a show I wish I could have attended. Speaking of shows, if you’re in the UK, the band have a handful of shows to celebrate the release of the album. There’s tons of folks involved here (Skep Wax, etc), but if you’re in the US, you can grab a tape HERE or an LP HERE.

Mild Mild Country Announces Never Had a Touch to Lose

Over the years we’ve spent a lot of time getting to know the musical work of Jake Ward, 1/2 of ATH Faves Eureka California; today he’s operating solo under the name Mild Mild Country, and he’s about to release Never Had a Touch to Lose. Our first listen from the new album is “Snake War,” thus is should make sense that the song’s predominantly based on the snake-like weaving of dense synth landscapes crafted by Ward in his home studio. The natural serpentine movement almost feels like Jake’s exploring the world through synths, feeling things out with his forked tongue before switching directions and coming back for more; it’s 13 minutes of great synth pop finding its way into the world. Perhaps it will find its way into your lap on October 22nd when the album drops via HHBTM.

Swansea Sound Announce Live at the Rum Puncheon

Surprise! We’re working with Swansea Sound! The band, made up of members of Pooh Sticks and Heavenly (as well as Catenary Wires and Talulah Gosh) will be releasing Live at the Rum Puncheon on November 19th; it’s a join affair with various media available; we’ll be handling the cassette version here in the States on ATH Records. While a few of the tracks have been tossed out as early singles, not to mention the incredible E-Bay auction, everyone involved felt it only worked to announce the album with a brand new track for you all to enjoy! Plus, if you head to the band’s site, you can hear the song in Cymraeg. We’ll keep you up to date with things, but we wanted to celebrate and with you all and tell you how stoked we are to be part of this. Keep up to date with various ways to grab the album by checking in on the group HERE.

American Culture Share Title Track For My Animals

I remember sitting in my dorm room in the late 90s listening to an Elf Power record when “Loverboy’s Demise” came on; there was something about it that had this lo-fi pop sensibility that just felt like home; it felt like that’s where I belonged. Why does that matter some 20 years later? Well, few bands have matched that feeling…and still fewer songs…that is until I found this American Culture track in the old inbox. It’s dirty, like it needs a good scrub, but the core is so catchy and leaves me coming back time and time again to find that same feeling. If you’re looking for your musical home, then perhaps you’d be best served by ordering the new For My Animals, which drops on March 19th via HHBTM.

Swansea Sound Share Indies of the World Single

Fresh off selling their soul on E-Bay, Swansea Sound return with another solid single to add to your collection of pop music. They’ve always got great messaging, and here they seem to be calling to arms all the indie labels to unite! I’m on board! Musically, you can’t really argue with the back and forth between Hue and Amelia; how does Amelia’s voice sound so timeless and pristine? Put all that sugary melody together with the bop of Rob and Ian, and the band have another certified hit on their hand. This tune appears on the group’s new 7″, dropping on March 12th via Skep Wax and HHBTM!

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