Es Share Hidden Track

One of the records I’m most looking forward to this year is the brooding post-punk of Es, who’ve just shared their latest single from their debut. You can’t escape the ominous feel of this track; it feels as if we’re being surrounded, smothered…only to make one last ditch effort for survival with this song. I thought adding nice little synth line before the 3 minute mark added in some pop sensibility that may have gone unnoticed otherwise, allowing listeners just the briefest respite from the dark. The band release their debut album Less of Everything on April 3rd via Upset the Rhythm.

Friday Top 5: Skippable Track Types

You seem like the modern sort. I bet you have 80 bazillion digital music files don’t you? Wow, you have 90 bazillion? That is impressive. How in God’s name do you listen to that many songs? Let me answer that for you: you don’t. You’re a fickle song skipping beast. It’s okay, I do it too. It’s the only way to cope with such an overwhelming amount of music. I’m liable to skip any track on a whim, but there are certain types of songs I find myself skipping all the time. Here are the types of tracks I’m talking about:

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