New Video From Kid Ink

600_1408434294_kid_ink_88Los Angeles rapper Kid Ink’s most recent album, My Own Lane, has been out for about a year but on New Year’s Eve he released a music video for the best song on the album, “Hello World”. The video was shot while out on the My Own Lane Tour in various spots around the world. This is definitely one of Kid Ink’s best songs in his catalog and the most visually appealing of his music videos to date. His new album comes out February 3rd.

FT5: Songs That Make You Rap

You can always count on this lady to bring hip-hop and dance to the ATH table. This round of picks was inspired by a comment @DaveRupert made on one of my past articles, Songs That Make You Dance. He said a good follow up would be about the songs that make you rap, and here we are. These are a few of the rap songs we all love and know most of the words to. You may not know all of the lyrics, but when that chorus line approaches, dayum you’ve got it down. No matter your race, ethnicity, age or level of hip-hop knowledge, you know these songs (or at least that hook line).
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