Hear the Premiere of Historian’s Latest Single

It’s been a couple of years since we’ve heard from Historian, but I feel as if this new single makes it all worth the wait. The base of this song seems to be a carefully strummed guitar and the deep vocal tones of Chris Karman, but it’s the added layers that really push the song into something special. You’ll hear string accompaniment giving death and emotion to the song’s twists and turns. Horns even pop up mid-track to illustrate just how much the group paid attention to the finer details in every number. This is just our first glimpse of the band’s new LP, Expanse, which comes out on October 20th.

ATH Premiere: Historian Readies Current

krisPersonally, I enjoy searching out music that changes on you. You’re accepting one direction, you can see the tension rise, but then it turns. Sometimes, like in the case of Historian, the changes are subtle; they’re quick and simple, like the move that happens around the 2:40 mark. It sets the song off a bit, allowing for the song to grow and change into something completely new; it’s like listening to the evolution of music, right through your speakers. This quiet flare of the dramatic has won Historian, and it’s main songwriter Chris Karman, comparisons to the likes of Spiritualized and Radiohead…that leads to a great deal of promise as the band prepares to release Current on October 30th via The Record Machine.