Major Friday Jam From Papa

papaAt the end of a long work week, or at the continuation of a work week for those of us who don’t work a 9-5, you need to stop and take a moment to just jam. Papa, hailing out of LA, have got the perfect new tune for doing just this called “Hold On.” This track is a funky, dance ready groove with definite Bowie swagger to it that will surely set your feet to moving through to those weekend vibes. Take a listen and enjoy.

ATX Show Spotlight: Deep Cuts + Shivery Shakes @ Cheer Ups (1/29)

showIt’s that time of year, when things start to pick up across town as we warm up to SXSW.  There’s a great deal of shows this week, but I’d like to encourage you all to hit up Cheer Up Charlies to catch some local Texas acts that I guarantee will bring joy to your life.  You’ve got the impressive Deep Cuts folks from Houston, who are growing increasingly popular.  Shivery Shakes, who released their Three Waves and a Shake LP on ATH Records, will help keep your spirits up.  Plus Modrag and Casual Strangers intend to get you there early, as they’re both extremely worthy of your attendance.  There’s no cover and the show starts at 9 PM.  Come enjoy the weather and the good vibes.

Take a Break With Some New Music Videos

Ok, so you’re still under the delusion that you’re going to get anything done at work today, but how much longer is that going to last? It’s Halloween! Take a break from whatever it is you’re still working at and take a look at two new music videos from local(ish) acts that will brighten your day and give you something to jam to while you start to get spooky.

First up are locals Shivery Shakes with their hilarious and cross-dressing abundant video for “Hold On” off their killer album Three Waves & A Shake. Just when you thought that song couldn’t get any better, the band gives it a visual component you don’t want to miss.

Next up is where the (ish) comes from in local(ish): Little Cinema. While the band divides their time between Brooklyn and Austin, we can still claim them a little as our own. In this music video for “Birdwatchers of the World, Unite!” a track off their debut album, Adventure, things get a little birdy.

ATH Records and Punctum Records to Release Shivery Shakes LP

Shivery ShakesWe’ve tried to keep this under wraps, but eventually our excitement had to break through, with news going public Friday that we’ll be releasing the debut LP from Shivery Shakes in conjunction with our friends at Punctum Records.  The album is titled Three Waves and a Shake; it’s scheduled for an October 21st release date on clear vinyl. You can Preorder the LP HERE, but listen to the tune below so you get a feel for why we’re so excited.  It’s got a tight little angular guitar jangle, backed up by a solid bass groove, then filled in with a hook of a chorus. Sweet jams and sweet news.