Brand New Alex Chilltown Tune

Are you looking for a brooding bit of dream pop today? If so, then this new Alex Chilltown track is going to do your ears some justice. It’s almost five minutes of spaced pop music, moving slowly with a really deep bass line that gives ample room for twinkling guitar chords and synth notes to shine. I love how the song references indiepop in its structure, but holds back on the obvious emotional appeal by drawing the notes out; it’s like listening to a happy version of Joy Division. The group have just signed on to Witchgirl Recordingto release their new EP, Eaten Up By Nothing, which will come out on February 24th.

Another Great Track from Alex G

dsuYou don’t know who Alex G is!? That’s okay, because I didn’t either until a few days ago.  I was actually recommended to listening to his tunes via following his new label, Orchid Tapes…home of many great acts.  When I check in on what he had to offer, I was shocked that his new album, DSU, had already sold out of its limited run (don’t worry, a repress is coming shortly).  That’s pretty remarkable for anyone, but it’s not surprising when you listen to this song.  It holds on to great pop structures, offering soft vocals in contrast with vocals that push forward in the mix.  Just add this song to the long list of great music coming from the label.

New Tune from Cut Off Your Hands

For some reason I passed on this song when MOKB ran it, but I guess that was just a bit of laziness on my part, as I love Cut Off Your Hands.  Official news came today that the band will be releasing their newest record, Hollow, on August 16th via Frenchkiss Records, the label that put out their previous effort.  The press release talks of Nick Johnston sort of hitting a wall, and going back to those records of simple joy, which helped him find his way back to solid footing with his own songwriting. The track below definitely has an Oceania vibe to it, reminiscent of my all time favorite, The Go-Betweens.  It does sound a lot less angular and British, which, in my opinion, is going to make this record incredible.


Download: Cut Off Your Hands – You Should Do Better [MP3]