Enjoying This New Active Strange

I’ve been writing about Acting Strange for quite some time, probably since the band’s inception, so why stop now…especially when I’m getting emails about Awolnation. This tune is a pretty simple pop ballad, with just enough sugary hooks to keep my ears attentive. It has some slight similarities to Mystery Jets, especially the way the vocals dictate the song’s natural cadence. Plus, as the song moves into the chorus, there’s this grand swelling, then the melody is dropped right on top of you. As of now, the band looks to be in the studio working on their follow-up to their 2017 album, Talk Talk Talk.

BOYS Drop New Single

BOYS flirt with indiepop on the start of their new single, slightly hanging those crips guitar chords out in the air. But, where many would push on into the realm, these lads turn the song into deeper textures. For starters, there’s a level of haze added to the vocals, perhaps moving towards dreamier pastures. But the core of the song has this driving guitar line that really pushes the natural tension of the song; it’s the driving force in the song, rushing the track to its finale. And then, without overstaying their welcome, the tune’s over. You love it, and you go on your way.

Honduras Ready Gathering Rust EP

hondurasWe’ve backed the Brooklyn band Honduras since they first came to our attention, and we’re really looking forward to their new Gathering Rust EP. They just offered up another glimpse of what it might sound like, landing in the same arena as fellow NYC acts Parquet Courts. But, don’t think that makes them mere copycats, rather they take it tossing out their own spin; the guitar chords are warmer (less angular) and the vocals are less spastic. In fact, I think I prefer this better (sacrilege you say!). Oh well, I’ll hand my hat on this set of tunes for sure. The EP hits on March 4th.