Minimalist Track From Homeshake

Homeshake has been making chilled out indie pop meets R&B tracks for a solid chunk of time now, so it’s no surprise that his latest track “Like Mariah,” is yet another slice of solid work. On the heels of the announcement of his fourth LP, Peter Sagar, clearly knows a thing or two about making a proper track. “Like Mariah” has this funky/almost crunchy bass sound that perfectly juxtaposes Sagar’s falsetto vocals. Sagar sings of thinking about what could have been, and the emptiness of the instrumentation matches that emotion quite well. Take a listen and then prep for the coming of Helium, which will be out February 15th of next year on Sinderlyn.



Chilled Out Vibe from Homeshake

sinderlynSettling into the middle of the week? The bets way to due that is to sit back and listen to this ultra-relaxed new single from Homeshake.  There’s definitely a little bit of an indie meets R&B groove going on, but the synth work is minimal, so I don’t feel like I’m being overwhelmed by beats and orchestration.  Honestly, you can just sit back and let yourself fall into this song, which is a fairly rare experience for me.  Look for his new album, Midnight Snack, to come out on 9/18 via Sinderlyn.

Funky Tune from HOMESHAKE

homemaltThe good things about boutique labels working with other, larger, entities, is that they can release really great music that might not get the time of day otherwise.  That’s what I get from Homeshake, one of the bands on Sinderlyn.  It’s not that I don’t dig the tune; it’s that it reaches out there a bit from the modern indie lore, so I like that it gets a day in the sun.  There’s this really funky guitar line grooving all over the place, using a chilled out vocal delivery to really settle things down.  Does indie funk exist as a genre? Maybe easy-indie listening or elevator indie? Regardless, I’ll be down to listen to the whole In the Shower LP when it’s release on October 7th.


Download: Homeshake – Making a Fool of You