ACL Artist Spotlight: Leon Bridges

Leon BridgesSo that time of the year is fast approaching here in Austin: ACL season! With this slight break in the blistering heat I’ve been dreaming of our near future frolicking in field of Zilker Park and it’s only good and proper that we begin our pre-fest coverage now so you’re adequately prepared to bounce around from stage to stage with your well tuned and highlighted game plan. Schedule conflicts be damned, we’re here to help you make the most of your weekend(s), and that starts with Leon Bridges.

Follow the jump for some songs and my brief take on why you shouldn’t miss Leon Bridges. Read more

ACL Spotlight: Junip

junipYou’re only a few days away from what seems like great weather and a great musical experience.  But, you’re scanning the festival line-up trying to find that one band that will be perfect in this setting.  I’ve got you covered folks: Junip.  While Jose Gonzalez made big waves a few years back, his new project has made some incredible strides, leaving us with a stronger personal attachment.  While Gonzalez still takes a lot of the vocal roles on, the rest of the band work on providing you with these extremely layered sounds that highlight the soft vocals of Jose.  At times, there’s a dark underbelly, but you turn the corner and you’ll find this spiritually up-lifting moment making its way through your speakers.  I can just picture nodding my head (while my arms are crossed; I’m that guy) while the below tune floats atop the breeze into the audience.  The group has this ability to encourage light dancing or swaying, but also has this atmospheric pop attribute that makes them absolutely perfect for anyone looking to fill their schedule with top tier bands.

The group will take to the stage both Saturday’s at 3 PM on the Honda Stage.  You’ll want to catch them in order to here the great jam below.


Download: Junip – Your Life, Your Call [MP3]