Stream New Music from Jess Ledbetter

Jess Ledbetter most recently was the guitarist/vocalist for local Austin gazers, Honeyrude. But, as of right now, she’s working on promoting her new Slow Desert EP. The lead track delves further into the dark world of dream pop, dense in sound, though sparkling spiritually. It’s really about the guitar work too, as if the chords are cautiously walking their way through some uncharted forest, anxiously creeping around each corner. I also applaud the restraint here, as it would clearly be easier to just let the song loose in the end, rather than hold onto the mold she’s crafted; she does not give in to the easy way out. Reminds me a bit of the latest stuff from Wax Idols. The EP will drop on May 4th via Shifting Sounds; you can also catch the song in visualizer format HERE.

More Music from Honeyrude

This new track from Honeyrude is filled with cascading guitar lines blasting off into the ether. It sets the tone perfectly for the entry of Jess Ledbetter’s vocals, delicately drifting into her performance with angelic tones that cut right through the sharpness of the guitar work. There’s something nostalgic about the group’s sound, seemingly plucked from early 90s alternative rock, then modernized to make listeners like me swoon. Look for the Color Blue on August 18th via Shifting Sounds.

Honeyrude Drop New Single

For all the great music in Austin, our shoegaze game has been hit or miss. I mean, we have the ridiculously solid Grivo, but now we’ve also got Honeyrude. The band dropped another new single from their forthcoming The Color Blue LP, and it’s shimmering guitar tsunami to open up the song is perfect for shoegaze and dream pop fans alike. Jess Ledbetter’s voice brings about a softness that allows for a calming beauty. Be sure to stick around for the song’s latter half, filled with guitar excursions and fading vocals. Look for the new LP via Shifting Sounds on August 18th.