Red Red Eyes Release New Single and Video

The more time one spends with Red Red Eyes, the more you’ll find that their music is inescapable. It has this ethereal quality; it’s pop music that allows you to move beyond your immediate listening experience. Laura’s voice has this ghostly beauty to it, and the percussion is precise and light, never once detracting from the natural melody. In the cinematic version of the song, our protagonist seems to be on the search for something, milling about town from shop to shop; that feeling of search seems fitting, as I can’t help but let my mind wander in its own search while this song plays on loops in my ears. The group’s excellent Horology LP will be released on May 18th via the esteemed WIAIWYA.

Red Red Eyes Release Video for Empty Land

A few weeks back I wrote about the smoky pop beauty of Red Red Eyes, and the band are back with a video for the lead track from their new LP, Horology. The video and the song’s natural emotion evoke a sort of gothic pop underbelly; it could easily work into the realm of dream pop…if those dreams were nightmares. While Laura McMahon’s voice is remarkable, it wouldn’t have anywhere to go if it weren’t for the sonic landscape crafted behind her by musical partner Xavier Watkins. Together, they’ve crafted this brooding number that seems understated at times, but little accents pop up via trickling electronics or strong guitar twang. Get lost in this song, and the whole LP on May 18th when it’s released by WIAIWYA.

Smoky Pop Number from Red Red Eyes

If you’re looking to swoon to a delicious pop number, then go ahead, press play on this new Red Red Eyes tune from the band’s forthcoming Horology LP. A seductive guitar line opens the tune, setting the stage for a dark twist through the confines of modern pop. That being said, Laura McMahon’s vocal performance definitely will dominate your memory when the song comes to an end. While the smoky quality circulates, there are also moments when her delivery is slightly playful; it’s an absolutely endearing showing that you won’t soon forget. The new LP will drop on May 18th via WIAIWYA.