Jump on the new Hot Snakes

I know that I’m going to love listening to the new Hot Snakes record, but there are hints in their brand new tune that it might not be precisely the sound I remember. For one, Froberg seems to have dialed back his gnarly growl, at least for the majority of the track…perhaps he’s just saving himself. Also, the music seems a little bit tamer; the guitar chords are still sharp and jagged, but the vibe feels softer, somehow aged. While that all might seem like a departure, I think it signals a band willing to embrace their growth as time’s gone on…and whoever turned away from a decent melody? Their new effort Jericho Sirens will be out on March 16th via SubPop.


Kinda Sorta Missed This TRAAMS Tune

traamsOk, so the track’s already been out for a few days, but you know how it goes in the blogosphere (does that world still exist?).  So, this TRAAMS tune hit a few days ago, and it’s sort of blown up immediately.  It’s got this driving rhythm from the get-go, recalling the work of Hot Snakes (or the other band that guy was in).  It hits hard and fast, though there are some guitar cuts that barely border on pop sensibility (listen closely).  Still, the middle of the track is fairly rewarding too, using a slightly slower pace to offer some differentiation. Fatcat Records will be releasing the band’s new album, Modern Dancing, this coming November.

Fun Surf Pop from Mrs. Magician

If you’re a fan of Waaves, you’re going to enjoy listening to Mrs. Magician even more.  They’re a San Diego surf-rock band, and while they’re just as bratty as Waaves, the recording of this track (and their album) sounds a whole lot better than some of the production on that other dudes records.  Strange Heaven is the perfect record to play all summer long, and it doesn’t hurt that it was produced by John Reis of Hot Snakes/RFTC fame.  Put it on, sit back, and imagine you and your friends chilling down at the beach…guarantee you’ll only get up to press repeat over and over.


Download:Mrs Magician – There Is No God [MP3]

Friday Top 10: Fun Fest Bands

Our Fun Fest coverage is nearing an end, but we have yet to give you a top artists post in typical ATH fashion.  So here ladies and gents is your ATH top 10 fun fest acts.  This is a list compiled by all of our writers and collaborators who did their best to check out as many bands as we could this weekend.  Keep in mind that we see as many bands as we can, but certainly can’t blanket the whole fest.  Follow the jump for list.

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New Track from Obits

For me, 2011 is looking really exciting.  It seems like the guys with guitars are taking aim at the rest of us, and really letting loose.  Yet another release I’m excited for comes from Obits, who will be releasing their new record, Moody, Standard and Poor via Sub Pop on March 29th.  My favorite reason to get super excited here is that singer/guitarist Rick Froberg used to jam in Drive Like Jehu and Hot Snakes.  Much like those two groups, Obits always seem on the verge of kicking you in the face via heavy percussion and sharp-edged guitars, but as age has taught them some restraint, they’ve honed their chops just enough to keep it all cohesive.  One listen to the drums here, though not necessarily experimental, more just pounding, and you’ll probably be tapping your feet at your desk. We’re cool with that.


Download: Obits – You Gotta Lose [MP3]