Nathan’s Top Austin Albums of 2018

In the year’s end, those who “write” about music claim our superior tastes by spouting off about our favorite releases. I figured I should start off all the shenanigans with a list from our home base, Austin, Texas. Below you’ll find a list of my favorite releases from the confines of our fair city.

Let it be known that we released albums by Marmalakes, Feverbones and David Israel (and an EP by Blushing), but those will not make this list for the sake of favoritism…though they’d all obvious take the top spot…duh. Read more

Another Tune from Hovvdy

Austin’s kicking some ass this week…Marmalakes, Loma, Little Mazarn and now another track from Hovvdy. This one is another slow burner, akin to the early 00s post rock scene…think of a weird meld between American Football and Bedhead. It’s impressive how they take the most relaxed approach; this song burns like a smoldering fire, warm but always seemingly near its end. Each continued play only brings the song nearer to you, giving you a gift you’ll take with you for the foreseeable future. They’ll release Cranberry on February 9th via Double Double Whammy.

Hovvdy Drop New Video

After the much deserved success with Taster, Hovvdy are ready for you to be fall in love with their new work. Oddly, their new work sounds like a classic throwback to late 90s/early 00s indie rock…thinking of slow-core acts like American Football crashing into Death Cab’s early affairs…maybe with a hint of the Wrens soft-pop underbelly; those are compliments in my book. From the slight rise in vocal tones at the end of the note to the song’s steadied pacing, everything here has purpose, has meaning. The band drop their new album Cranberry on February 9th via Double Double Whammy; sit back and watch them ascend into indie stardom.


Show Preview: Hovvdy, Pupppy, Thelma, Caroline Says @ The Mohawk (07.19)

12622520_1685149471764317_5094574804238702674_oThe heat is really glaringdown on all of us in the ATX, but if there’s one thing that can surely make everyone feel a little better, and that’s a night of high quality pop music from two local and two traveling bands gracing the indoor stage at the Mohawk. The night should be a burst of well crafted tunes, as this bill is stacked. You get the local love of Caroline Says and her melancholically simplistic tunes. Thelma will have you swooning with her angelic cherub folk pop and crisp vocals. Pupppy are sure to spice up the night with their eclectic brand of alt-pop with a hint of rock. And Hovvdy are making waves all around our town with their fuzzy lo-fi magic. All this is going down at the Mohawk tomorrow night and you can attend for under 10 dollars…you’d be a fool not to be there!

Get tickets and see door timeshere.


Hovvdy Making Huge Waves

hovvdyAustin bands are a dime a dozen, but you’ve got to have something special to break beyond the confines of the city. It appears that Hovvdy have accomplished done that, blasting thing single all over the world rather quickly (15K listens in a matter of days!). You’ve got to be proud, as an Austinite, but you’ve also got to take note if you’re living beyond. The act is working with Merdurhaus and Sports Day Records, both reputable voices in the void, to release their debut, Taster on April 15th. Take a listen to what it’s all about, as these guys won’t be looking back.

ATX SPotlight: Hovvdy Release Split Tape w/ Loafer

hovvdyMerdurhaus Records are quickly making a name for themselves, releasing great tapes of some of the most promising young acts in town, such as Loafer and Summer Salt.  This week, they’re celebrating another release, which is a split between the previously mentioned Loafer and Hovvdy.  The Hovvdy jam is a quick little number, played out over synthesized beats with a hazy guitar part; it’s the sort of bedroom pop that’s made the style so endearing over the last few years.  They’ll both be playing this evening to celebrate the release of the tape over at Cheer Up Charlies, so sample and make a choice.

Show Pics: Geographer @ The Mohawk (5/30)

Jeez. So I was walking the dog, thinking about all the photos left to edit from X Games Austin and I realized that I still owed Geographer a Show Pics post. After a great set at FFF8, I was looking for ward to checking out the band in a smaller venue, my home venue, The Mohawk. Joining them for the show was Idle Hands, ATH faves Empires and a great aftershow lineup of Hovvdy and Woozy.

Click through, peeps.

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