Last Week’s Jams, Today (September 27 – October 1)

Mondays, am I right? Honestly, been struggling for energy and motivation of late, but last week had some really great tunes hit, accompanied by great albums from the likes of Semihelix, Cindy and Ducks Ltd. I chose to open with this Semihelix on the mix because I’d love to take the opening 30 seconds and put it in my pocket to carry it around with me all day. Also, unfortunately, the Humdrum track isn’t on the streaming platforms just yet, so be sure you click HERE to check that great tune out!


Hovvdy Share Blindsided Video

Wanted to write about how much I enjoyed this new Hovvdy video; it’s really hard not to enjoy what they’re doing right now; the sounds are too too good. This very much just feels like home to me, and not just because they’re from Austin; it just has that familiarity to it, that vibe that only you and your closest friends could create together. I’d go into further details, but I’m grumpy because I like to follow rules, and this song had an “Embargo” on it until 9 am CST. So I don’t wanna write more. The song’s all that matters anyways, right? No need to copy and paste the press release. No need to link it to Phoebe Bridgers. Just listen to the song from their new album True Love, which is out Friday via Grand Jury.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (August 16 – 20)

Let’s start off Monday right, sneaking right in with a great track from the latest Flowertown LP. The rest of our playlist is pretty solid too, as there were some jams last week. I’ll admit I kind of feel like too many people are sleeping on Cindy still, so be sure to check out their latest single in this weeks hits. Plus, it’s great to hear our friends Letting Up Despite Great Faults drop right back in where they left off years ago. Ease into Monday with a playlist of jams we were digging last week…and have a decent day.

Hovvdy Share Two Brand New Singles

Another great record from Hovvdy is on the horizon, and with a little over a month away, the band opted to share 2 new singles today. I love the distinctive differences in the two tracks, setting up the album for a nice little mixture of sounds sure to charm. “Junior Day League” has this feel like it was leftover from the JEW Clarity demos; there’s something about the drum work and the vocals here that just feels like nostalgic emo pop. Plus, I love the spirit of the video; it’s got a joyous beat, so why not give it a little joyous nature…it’s a rarity nowadays. Then, skip to the next tune, “Around Again,” and you get a more melancholy approach, one that’s matched with a video that feels a bit more grainy, a bit more warn for this world. True Love is out October 1st via Grand Jury.

Bops of the Week for July 12- 16

Here we go again my friends, starting off another week, and what better way than to have a nicely curated collection of great tunes from last week for your ears. A few strong singles with album announcements like Hovvdy‘s new tune, as well as a few jams from some of our favorite records that came out last week, like Wojtek the Bear and Always You. Plus, as always, we’re all over the map taste-wise, so you get a little of everything, but starting off with that ridiculously glorious Cindy tune from their forthcoming 1:2 LP. Happy Monday folks!

Hovvdy Announce True Love

I’m sure by the time I post this tune that it’ll likely already be everywhere, but we’ve got to represent the ATX and Hovvdy, right? For me, this track, and possibly the whole of the record, feels very Austin at the moment, both musically and thematically. Musically speaking, the band employ good strum work and overlapping melodies in their vocals to craft this blistering pop vibe that sort of radiates prismatic colors though your speakers. Message-wise, the tune seems to hit at this exhaustion we’ve all faced the last few years, but how reliance upon loved ones has been able to carry us through…whether that’s a partner, friend or family. Expect the band’s True Love LP to be a huge success, dropping October 1st via Grand Jury.

Brand New Track from Hovvdy

I have to applaud Charlie and Will as of late; they’ve updated their approach to songwriting (which wasn’t bad, mind you), taking some chances with their craft. So, here we have Hovvdy living their best in a guitar/drums free world, though there is a percussive loop employed to provide the song with a little depth. Still, this one’s more about the vocals, kind of letting the gravity of their lyrics sink into the listener. All the little nuances, like the overlapping vocals and slight ambient blossoms from beneath stay perfectly in the distance, knowing their place in the presentation of song. Still no word on a new LP, but definitely fun to watch these two explore their work.

Collection of Best of Austin for 2019

Clearly, based on the name of our site, we’re always down to represent Austin, and while I feel like releases were down in the city this year, there was tons of great stuff to be devoured. Rather than rank and file our friends; we’re just here to uplift the scene, and maybe remind you of some Texas music that might have (it shouldn’t!) slipped under your radar. Black Pumas got the deserved love, but there’s tons bubbling beneath the surface. I mostly broke it into labels, as they’re the heart and soul of this city. Comes with a fancy playlist.

Read more

Nathan’s Top Austin Albums of 2018

In the year’s end, those who “write” about music claim our superior tastes by spouting off about our favorite releases. I figured I should start off all the shenanigans with a list from our home base, Austin, Texas. Below you’ll find a list of my favorite releases from the confines of our fair city.

Let it be known that we released albums by Marmalakes, Feverbones and David Israel (and an EP by Blushing), but those will not make this list for the sake of favoritism…though they’d all obvious take the top spot…duh. Read more

Another Tune from Hovvdy

Austin’s kicking some ass this week…Marmalakes, Loma, Little Mazarn and now another track from Hovvdy. This one is another slow burner, akin to the early 00s post rock scene…think of a weird meld between American Football and Bedhead. It’s impressive how they take the most relaxed approach; this song burns like a smoldering fire, warm but always seemingly near its end. Each continued play only brings the song nearer to you, giving you a gift you’ll take with you for the foreseeable future. They’ll release Cranberry on February 9th via Double Double Whammy.

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