Hurry Really Hit the Mark

Having previously posted Hurry tunes in the past month, I just can’t get enough of the group, especially with their latest single. There’s still an element that’s playfully soft, but the guitars on this ring brightly through your speakers in all the best ways. It’s got a rushed pace, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that I hear bits of Nada Surf in the band’s approach…you know, offering the more radio-friendly version of Superchunk. Their new album Every Little Thought just puts a smile to your face, guaranteed; it will drop on February 23rd via Lame O Records.

Stuck on This Hurry Tune

There’s something so pure about the perfectly executed pop ditty that I find it hard to turn such tracks off, just like the Hurry tune below. There’s nothing heavy about it, and in fact, it seems the volume on distortion is perfectly balanced by the usage of acoustic guitar. Cascading guitar lines work their way throughout, cut in half by these rad little vocal harmonies; it’s like listening the greatness of Nada Surf being played with a youthful vibrance. The band’s new album, Every Little Thought, will be released on February 23rd via Lame-O Records.

Hurry Blasts Through With Sunny Pop

hurryHurry, from Philadelphia, formed back in 2012, and are about to hit you in the face with their latest dose of bright pop in “When I’m With You.” Almost from the moment you start the track, the bright vocals chime in and are the constant source of light within the tune. This component is what really makes the song; the half-falsetto is ever-present and creates a unique sound that you won’t soon forget. The vocals are complimented by the hazy guitars that have just the right amount of distortion to them. “When I’m With You” is a track you should probably send to your loved one, or perhaps just treat yourself to with your windows down. Get to listening.