PYAITK: In The Valley Below

My friend Mike Taylor turned me on to this band. He hosts a show over at Amazing Radio you should check out when you get a chance.

In The Valley Below are a boy-girl duo out of Echo Park and dammit if they aren’t disciples of The Rosebuds. Pretty stuff, but with an edge of darkness underlying chords and tones. Some tracks are melodically driven, shared vocal duties between Jeffrey Jacob and Angela Gail, other tracks feature exchanges of differing phrasing and overlapping lyrics. I have enjoyed every song off of the Hymnal EP, but I agree with Mike that “Last Soul” deserves to be a hit. Make it so, people.

I missed them during SxSW. Bummer. They’ll be in the UK for the rest of the month, but return to Cali in June and hopefully swing back through town later this year…

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Love Me Some Benoit Pioulard

benoitBenoit Pioulard has had an interesting career, and by that I mean he’s progressed back and forth in different directions throughout, always careful to stand by his carefully crafted ambient sounds.  His last few releases have seen him take a more accessible approach, providing listeners with a more pop generated sound.  He’s back again with what I’m thinking is going to be a hit; he’ll release Hymnal on March 4th through Kranky. As the releases of 2013 start to get busy, this is one that’s creeping to the top of my list after listening to this track on repeat for the last few hours.

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