The Monochrome Set Have a New Album

In certain circles, the Monochrome Set are the legendary sort; they’re the band you secretly slide into a compilation for a crush, hoping that said person will realize either, how cool you are or how odd you are. They’ve been fairly active since the late 70s, save for a period in the 00s when all was silent. Luckily, recent times has seen the band reformed and working vigorously, with the announcement that they’ll be releasing a new LP titled Maisieworld via Tapete Records. The band still have this spritely quality, and I’m quite fond of the playful keyboard work in the back of this track; you’ll find it hard to ignore the natural swing of the track. Clearly the band still have few peers; look for their new effort on February 9th.


Subtle Pop from Little Person

Clearly I’m a fan of pop tunes, and Little Person just dropped this little frolicking ditty that you just have to hear. Crooning vocals hang in the air, moving effortlessly in contrast to the guitar work behind them. Just as you think the song’s going to settle into a quick close, the pace is picked up and electric guitars wrap back around your ears, drawing you into the track’s subtlety. There’s lots of little touchstones here too that should fall right in line with folks into the best of indie rock. Their new EP, I Feel Fine, will be out on April 3rd.