Swansea Sound Selling Their Soul on EBay!!!

They promised us they’d do it, so they up and wrote a song about selling their souls on EBay. Swansea Sound (members of Catenary Wires/Pooh Sticks) have recorded their smash hit single, putting their heart and soul into the recording (it was pressed into the vinyl!) and pressing to a super limited run of 5 7″ copies. Four go to members of the band, and the final one is currently being auctioned on EBay; you can bid HERE(it was 20 pounds when I posted this!). Plus, they made a fun teaser video, but be sure to stick through to the end, as the band make an emphatic appearance just as the song closes in bang-out fashion! If anything, stick around for the delectable pop treat at the 30 second mark!

Swansea Sound Share I Sold My Soul on EBay

Back before our break, Rob Pursey and Amelia Fletcher took over the site for a day, and in that, they shared a new project, Swansea Sound; the band includes the duo, as well as Hue Williams from Pooh Sticks and Ian Button on the kit. Thematically, the song tackles the dire circumstances facing musicians, fighting to get the scraps from the Spotify and YouTube tables…so they pose, why not sell your soul on EBay? And in fact, the band will sell one copy of this song on a 7″ via EBay, for which we can only assume it will shatter records! Musically, its a pure pop delight, charged with energy and the playful back and forth between Amelia and Hue. Want to bounce around your house, your office, flat, what have you? Turn this up to 12 (it’s higher than 11).