Rejoice! New Teenage Fanclub

teenagefanclubSome bands never get old. Album after album, you devour the songs, put them on playlists and share with all your friends. For me, one of the bands I always go back to is Teenage Fanclub, and they’ve just announced their newest album in their long running career. It’s exactly what you’d expect, filled with careful power chords and great vocal melodies that carry warmth to listener’s ears. And of course, it’s a love song, but with lines like “there is pain in this world/I can see it in your eyes,” they show that their subject matter is as timeless as their songs. Look for the new effort, Here, on September 9th via Merge Records.

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I’m In Love with I’m In Love by Fools Gold

foolishI said it. This new tune from Fool’s Gold is just perfect.  It’s filled with a few mini-suites, musically speaking, but in there you’ll find so many delectable ear treats that you’re going to find it hard not to just give into the music.  There’s a little bit of funkiness to it, though I tend to think the song is just super playful, built to let you freak out and enjoy one hell of a day.  The LA act are busy finishing touches on their next album, slated for a release next year, but when you’ve got a hit like this, you can’t hold it back from the masses.  Enjoy yourselves with this one kids.


Download: Fools Gold – I’m In Love [MP3]