Robby Share Video for Stay Awhile + Album Release Show

Subtle pop music is currently one of my favorite things; the sort of pop tune that’s unassuming, but just makes your soul feel good. That’s precisely the spot that this new single from Austin’s Robby hits with their new track “Stay Awhile” off their forthcoming LP, Impressions. The verses are steady, these careful little guitar lines mapping out the pop sensibility that comes in full during the choruses; I love the way the guitar has this gentle turn just before the words “stay awhile” are released. The band will be self releasing Impressions this weekend via their own label collective, No Wisdom; they celebrate the album with a show Sunday night over at Cheer Up Charlies with TVs Daniel and Lolita Lynne.

Please Listen to Crescent

The instant the somewhat haphazard guitars danced their way into my speakers I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stop playing this new Crescent tune on my stereo. Even as the song seemingly plods along, there’s a fragility in the delivery from Matt Jones’ vocals; it sounds like he recorded these and sent them via video clips on his phone. I mean that in the best of ways, as it encourages the listener to find the track more personal. Whether you’re into bedroom recordings, slacker pop or even the dreaded dole wave, you’re going to fall head over heels for this track. Look for Resin Pockets to appear in stores on May 26th via Geographic Music.

Music Go Music Offer Up Disco Inspired Tune

musicYesterday this new track from Music Go Music popped up on the Internet, offering a look at the band’s new tunes.  This track offers two sides to the group, both which were on display on their last LP.  The song opens up with a dreamy quality, with a light wash of electronics hiding in the distance, but the song has an energetic groove once it gets going, picking up on the dance grooves made famous in every nod towards the 70s.  It’s a nice little spin for the track, getting you to stomp your feet as you flail about your bedroom. You can hear this song on the group’s new record, Impressions, which  will hit stores on August 19th via Thousand Tongues.

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