Stream In Phrases from Zebra Hunt

I can’t really say enough nice things about the new record from Zebra Hunt that just came out on Friday. I’ve long been a fan of the band, but there’s an apparent maturity from the very first track that plays through your speakers. They still nod to some of the janglier moments that make their music perfect for pop fans, but they’ve also move into a territory where the Replacements meet Flying Nun Records. “What I Want” is the band’s big single; we’ve previously covered it, but I’m stuck on “2005.” It has a slight bounce and a yearning sensation that has become part of my daily listening rotation. It’s great to see a band with such promise rise to the occasion and blow you away. Not convinced? Stream for In Phrases yourself.

Another Hit from Zebra Hunt

While I’m still catching up on music from last week, I’m sad I missed the drop of this new Zebra Hunt tune…so why not get it out now. I feel like the band’s channeling an updated version of classic American songwriting; it hits like a more upbeat hit that the Boss might have churned out. There’s a natural pick-up in the style of the guitars, similar to like-minded acts bouncing around right now, though I’m partial to how they work in conjunction with the vocals. I guess since it’s the early days of Spring, it’s only fitting that this song makes me feel like the band are blossoming into pop superstars (in so far as my opinion counts). Their new LP In Phrases will be released via Tenorio Cotobade real soon!

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