Blast of Fun from The Love-Birds

Still riding high on all the sunny weather, I was really happy to see that The Love-Birds released another single from their forthcoming album. I think this is the one that’s really going to pull all the folks into their sound; it’s straight guitar pop, but pulls from the various microgenres within those confines. Somehow, the vocals bring to mind a young Thurston Moore, and while I can hear hints of the jangle I adore, I also hear some of that distorted explosion made famous by Teenage Fanclub…especially in the chorus. It’s a great song, made even better by the great weather outside my window. Join me in grabbing In the Lover’s Corner on May 25th via Trouble in Mind!

Another Hit from The Love-Birds

In a year where Trouble In Mind seemingly can do no wrong, we’ve now got another track from the label’s latest signing, The Love-Birds. This song has these rising and falling guitar chords, leaving plenty of space for the vocals to do the same. I like how the slight jangling turns into a more distorted cascade of noise as the song unfolds into a close. The vocals also carry a slight rasp/warble, forcing the listener into close attention…begging you to dive into the content. Pretty impressed with the way this band’s evolving; their debut In The Lover’s Corner will drop on May 25th.

Hear a New Track from The Love-Birds

The Love-Birds first came to our attention with their excellent Filled with Hate EP for Empty Cellar Records. Now, they’ve landed on perennial powerhouse Trouble In Mind Records for the release of their new LP. We find them treading interesting ground on this new single, somewhere between playful folk and steady power-pop. Little textural flourishes, like the “woo woo,” little keyboard notes or the speedy way the song closes, define the lasting impression of this single. Look for their In the Lover’s Corner to drop on May 25th.