CFM Churns Out More Tunes

Charles Moothart is one busy ass guy right? He spends time recording and performing with Mikal Cronin,Ty Segall and all of their many projects. Somehow he finds time between all those projects to churn out tons of quality hits via his solo project CFM. It seems like only a few short months ago he dropped an EP on our ears, and now he’s offering up more songs to preview his upcoming full release. The new track is called “Voyeurs” and is one big long jam full of guitar noodling, trippy electric guitar, and many other small nuances you might find interesting. Check it out.

Dichotomy Desaturated is coming on April 7th via In the Red Records.

Meatbodies Announce New Album

meatbodies-credit-ada-rajkovic-copy-2Seven degrees of Ty Segall continues with Fuzz‘s Chad Ubovich announcing his latest Meatbodies release, Alice…said to be a concept album. While some of the guitar work has the heavy distorted hand, I think it’s spun in such a way that this tune has more of an accessible groove to it. Guitar’s knife through the background, but the vocals have this tone that bursts through brightly, clearing out room for one helluva jam. Alice will be released via In the Red Records next year, and it’ll definitely bring something we’ll all be looking at with anticipation.

Late to the Party: New Music from TYVEK

tyvekThis track got some love last week from those super cool kids over at P4K, but I wanted to give it some space, as I’m a huge TYVEK fan. The song opens with this brooding bit of guitar and hints of feedback. It all makes way for a sort of spoken word vocal approach, which calls to mind Parquet Courts a bit, but it ends up just leaving this haunting echo hanging out in your head space. It’s this sprawling piece of dark, calming rock, unwilling to sacrifice the approach; it leaves you mesmerized, thirsting for more, which is why I’ll be picking up Origin of What on November 4th via In the Red Records.

More Mark Sultan

markThere’s something about the guitar and stomping percussion of Mark Sultan that’s always appealed to me. He, along with his friend King Khan, always manage to blend those old school R&B sounds and give them a little hint of punk and grit…that’s exactly what you’re going to get here. At times, he might settle a bit too much with the chorus, but I’m still stuck playing this song on repeat. I think that’s due to the great little croon he tosses in, such as the moment before the 2 minute mark; it’s a great moment of performance. His new record, BBQ, is coming via In the Red Records on November 25th.

Charles Moothart Brings New Rocker

charlesCharles Moothart is probably most well-known out there as the guy working with Ty on Fuzz, and it should come as no surprise that his newest tune is just as rocking as everything his friend as put out, if not more so in regards to the later releases. It opens quick and powerful, blasting riffs through your speaker like nobody’s business, but where Moothart excels is just letting things go…as he does just after the 1.40 mark as he breaks it down into a wailing wall of a jam. You’ll hear this new burner on his new EP, Homegrown Paranoia, which comes out via In the Red Records in November.

More from Mark Sultan

markIt seems like Mark Sultan is always up to something, and I’m grateful that he’s always kicking out tunes. Here we have Mark working on his own, bringing out his percussion stomp and rhythmic riffs to lay the ground work. Of course, it wouldn’t be a BBQ offering if we didn’t get to hear Mark blast those great pipes, hitting on the history of great rock n’ roll sounds. I could just listen to this guy belt em’ out all day long; you’ll be able to hear Mark’s new LP, aptly titled BBQ when it’s released on November 25th via In the Red Records.

Did You Miss This Ex-Cult

Ex-CultYou’d be excused for keeping up with the slew of hits that ran amuck yesterday, but that’s why I’m here, a day late and a few dollars short to remind you about this Ex-Cult track. This new single is a straight rocker, blasting forth with these machine gun drum hits that seem barely able to keep up with the pacing. I feel as if this song was crafted specifically for the band’s live set, meant for stalking stages and creating tension with the audience…and that’s only the recorded version. Look for the group’s Negative Growth via In the Red Recordson September 23rd.

Even More Ex Cult

excultAlready this week we streamed the new 7″ from Ex Cult, but we have better news for you today: the band have announced their new album, Negative Growth. It seems that the band’s concept of creating an album about “fear and deception” have taken hold in the recording of this new effort; there’s a darkness that pervades this tune,which still holds true to the energetic force the band has always pushed forward. Even the vocals on this track have a different feel, as if they’re being recorded in a bubble or under water; it definitely brings forth the spirit of fear. In the Red Records will be releasing the album later this year, so get ready.

The band has a slew of West Coast/Midwest tour dates in October, including a October 3rd show at Barracuda here in Austin (+3 other Tx shows).

GOGGS Should Come As No Surprise

goggsReally, the music being pumped out of your speakers should come as no surprise at all to you, especially if you love Ty Segall and Ex-Cult. Both of those bands have had really successful careers, especially in the last few years. Ty and Chris Shaw, along with Charles from Fuzz, have created GOGGS, and it’s every bit a rocker as you would expect from a band comprising the three. It’s heavy on the riffs, with Shaw’s snotty growl pummeling your ears in a manner that very few can pull off. In a week where a majority of the tunes have been pretty calm, this rocker is a much need respite. Look for the debut single from the group to hit in November via In the Red Records.

Welcome Return for The Intelligence

intelligenceIt’s been a hot minute since we last heard from The Intelligence, the band that always shifts and changes sounds between albums, whilst always sounding every bit like themselves.  They’ve just returned with this new single, and while there’s about 20 seconds of goofing around in the studio, as soon as the bass line begins to groove, you’re caught in the perfect mix of a steady rocker. They even bring in part-time Thee Oh See, Brigid, to add a nice vocal contrast to the tune.  Probably one of the bands I feel are the most underrated, so I look forward to their new effort, Vintage Future, which hits on September 25th via In the Red.

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