Rip It Up DJ Night @ Cheer Up Charlies (6.25)

rip_it_upIf you follow this site, you know by now that I’m a huge indiepop/jangle pop/post-punk fan. It’s one of my favorite genres, and I’ve been hoping that somehow the rest of Austin catches on to it. So, with our friends that helped organize the ATX Popfest and Welcome to the Jangle, we’re organizing what we hope will be a monthly DJ residency (with shows to come in the future) to share our favorite genre. Tomorrow night at Cheer Up Charlies, at 7 PM, we’ll be kicking things off, with a few well-regarded DJs, including Nathaniel from Literature. Come by, sit with your friends and enjoy great tunes, then you can go out on the town. Event page HERE. We’ll probably play this song:

More Synth Pop from Red Sleeping Beauty

redsleepingWhen I talked about the Mi Amor 7″ a few weeks back I mentioned that Red Sleeping Beauty really seemed to be going for it again, with deserved success. Today, Labrador and Shelflife released another track from the forthcoming album, and it’s a hit. I love the tone of the vocals (dark, sometimes smoky), especially when they coolly move into the chorus. Synth work is playful, though it’s not banging you over the head like some EDM sorts, allowing you to take in the pleasure of great electronic pop. The record is titled Kristina and has a release date of June 17th. You want real pop music? Here you go.

New Pop from The Hairs

thehairsI’m surprised that this new track from The Hairs isn’t getting more traction. This is the sort of literary pop music that people pine for, but maybe that’s just in my small circle of friends. Regardless, The Hairs combine these vocal hooks that wrap around this excellent songwriting, churning out infectiousness that will resonate on your stereo forever. They’re also one of the many great acts that’s going to be playing at the excellently curated NYC Popfest in a few weeks. Look for the group’s new album, While, I Hated Life, Barbarian, which will be released by Old Flame Records on June 24th.

New Single From Stone Cold Fox

SCF-Summer-15-Promo-2118-620x414During the early part of last year, Nathan shared a song with you guys by Brooklyn based group Stone Cold Fox and all of us started paying attention to the group.  Since that time we didn’t hear a whole lot from the band so I was fairly excited when they sent me over this great new song “Contagion”.  I’m calling it a straight up indie rock gem certainly worthy of tons of praise and accolades.  The band has told us to expect a new album sometime in 2016 with this song and surely more hits in store.

Simple Pop From Avid Walker

11223637_610003005769543_358143324133880288_nIt’s a beautiful day here in Austin and it seems to me that we could all use a bright and sunny tune to go along with our day.  This track, “Conversations”, from Vancouver based Avid Walker is exactly what I’m talking about.  In it’s simplistic take towards song delivery, the track is catchy as hell and certainly worthy of repeat plays.

Avid Walked has a new EP coming out this September.  Stay tuned as we get more tracks your way prior to that date.

Azure Blue Releases New Single

azure blueIt’s probably never a bad day, at least in my house, if Azure Blue is releasing something new.  We’ve known that the band were just around the corner from releasing their new album, Beneath the Hill I Smell the Sea, and they’ve added to that excitement with a teaser EP (and single). The EP is basically one great single (plus album track Baby You Are a Star) and a few remixes, but you’d miss out if you skipped over this delicious track they’re offering.  It’s got crisp guitar work, a driving beat and a coated vocal that, as always, brings the perfect harmony to the band’s sound.  Look for the album from Fika Recordings and Hybris on June 15th.

The Demigs Deliver

imagesMy apologies to our neighbors to the north in Denton as we seemed to have missed out on their boys The Demigs over the years, but I am to make this right today.  The band just sent me this new single today called “Arches” and I’m immediately taken by the sound being created here.  Indie pop is the name of the game here and it represents the genre wonderfully.  Bright guitars, monotone vocals, and a nice build up at the end create some lovely pop moments.

A new double LP entitled Welcome to Hard Times is due out on April 14th via I Love Math Records.

Bright Indiepop from Azure Blue

Azure-BlueIt’s not been too long since we last heard from Azure Blue, but I welcome their return nonetheless.  The groove in their latest single has this vibe that seems like it was ready for college dance floors in the late 80s/early 90s.  Still, the echoed wash that coats the vocals provides a different view, turning the song from a dance tune into a powerful bit of dreamy indiepop.  You’ll even hear the song explore some darker EDM territory as it nears its close; I’m definitely glad I’ve got this song to jam to today. Look for Beneath the Hill I Smell the Sea to hit later this year via Fika Recordings.

Ski Lodge Clearly Still Has It

lodgerI’m greatly surprised that the new Ski Lodge single is getting less attention than their last effort, despite leaving listeners with two really great songs.  We’ve already tossed out the A Side, “Trust,” but I think the B Side is even stronger.  It’s a quieted piano ballad, opening softly with croon of Andrew Marr, washed over by a nice electronic touch.  There’s true emotional power in the first chorus, before the song takes on a more emphatic ballad form.  Honestly, as big as a fan as I was of their first album, this might just be the best thing the band has done…if my two cents count for much.

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