Catchy Hooks from Cassolette

I have a feeling that today’s going to be sort of a light-hearted day, at least to start out the morning music run.  I stumbled upon Cassolette this past weekend while visiting Anorak, who just put out the group’s latest Annie 7″, which is absolutely delightful.  The Florida sextet isn’t breaking new ground, they’re just executing pure indie pop in marvelous fashion.  I dare you to listen to this track and not tap your feet and not let a grin creep up on your face; it absolutely cannot and will not happen. I don’t even want to go on about this song, I just want you to listen and love.


Download:Casolette – Annie [MP3]

New Indie Pop from Making Marks

I used to love this band called My Little Pony, but now the band is down a member and going by a new name, Making Marks.  Luckily, the jangling guitars and the hooks I adored are still present in the reincarnation of the group, so indie pop fans can rest with a smile.  The new line-up will be releasing their Ticket Machine 7″ on Fika Recordings this coming October, with plans for a full length to follow in the Spring of 13′. If you like your pop with a bit of bounce and a little grin, then you’ll love this new jam.  Enjoy.


Download:Making Marks – Hard To Be Good [MP3]

Catchy New Indie Pop from The Tins

It doesn’t take too much to get me hooked on indie pop; I like casual melodies and simple hooks.  When I got this new track from The Tins, I definitely got that anxious indie pop feeling…somewhere between The Shins and Avi Buffalo.  It’s perfect tunes to give you that longing feeling as you look out your window onto a bright sunny day.  This is from their Life’s a Gas album, and it’s really got me in the mood to get outside and play.  There’s an innocence throughout the album that’s refreshing, and honestly, it’s sort of like when the Shins changed my life.


Download: The Tins – Whiteout [MP3]

Cool New Track from Sherpa

Everyone loves Oceanic music right? Well, here’s another great outfit you should give some love to: Sherpa. They’re from New Zealand, and they’ve just put up their new album, Lesser Flamingo.  Everything about their sound is winning me over today, combining vocal harmonies with ramshackle indie pop.  One of the reasons I really appreciate this track is the fact that they take a simple approach, running straight ahead with the song–no pretext or extraneous flourishes.  In the end, you’re left feeling uplifted and excited to have come across a band writing such fantastic gems.  Pleased to meet you guys!


Download:Sherpa – Lunar Bats [MP3]

Bright Indie Pop from Tigercats

Tons of stuff is going on in the musical landscape of the UK, so excuse me if I hype on another recent discovery, Tigercats.  This group is as energetic as anything that’s come across the Atlantic, at least if we go by the track below.  Said song is featured on the band’s new record, Isle of Dogs, which definitely features some odd song names (Kim and Thurston for example).  While some songs sound a bit like Los Campesinos I like the brightened exuberance of this track as soon as I stumbled upon it.  Definitely an easy way to cheer you up.


Download: Tigercats – Full Moon Reggae Party [MP3]

Bouncy Pop Ditty from Standard Fare

Ready for your new favorite band? It’ll only take you a few seconds to listen to the jangly line from this track from Standard Fare before you fall in love.  The Sheffield trio is set to release their Out of Sight, Out of Town for Melodic on January 24th, and the minute I played this song, I got hooked.  Emma Cooper takes the lead role on this number, and it’s her performance that lends a steadying hand to the catchy tune.  If you’re in the market for bright, infectious indie pop today, then you came to precisely the right spot; you’re not going to hear anything better today.


Download: Standard Fare – Suitcase [MP3]

More New Music from Radical Dads

One of the bands that really excited me in 2011 was Radical Dads, the Brooklyn group that released Mega Rama this year.  The group’s just put out their Skateboard Bulldog 7“, which features two new excellent songs.  We’ve already tossed up one, and we’ve got the second one to offer you today.  On this number you can hear the cacophonous indie pop just blasting straight at you from the minute the song starts.  For me, it exemplifies everything great about the band; they’re just out there kicking out good solid rock n’ roll in the name of fun.  There’s no tricks, no hidden agenda, just straight up indie pop…of the best sort of course. Pick up the 7” HERE.


Download: Radical Dads – Know It All [MP3]

New Indie Pop from the Bats

New Zealand has long been home to some of the greatest pop music created, and The Bats have been around for a great bit of that, with their career coming up close on 30 years of brilliant LPs, EPs and singles.  Now, the band is soon to release Free All the Monsters, which you can find on Flying Nun Records. On the title track you’ll find bright guitars, and even a little male/female vocal performance; it’s a simple study in basic indie pop–the kind those who hold this genre dearly will be sure to enjoy.  Give this track and the record a go, if you know what’s good for you.


Download: The Bats – Free All the Monsters [MP3]

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