Cloudberry Unearth Indiepop Gems from The Potting Shed

If you’re an aficionado or indiepop, or just a passing fan, then the best thing you can do is spend some time with Cloudberry Records. The label puts out some of the purest indiepop about, and recently has taken to unearthing hidden gems from the genres past. The label just announced that they’ll be putting out a compilation from The Potting Sheds as part of their Cloudberry Cake Kitchen, which has already seen releases from others like the Suncharms. Along with the announcement, this gem was quietly dropped, but it’s a doozy if you’re into groovy bounce and filling horn segments. Please just listen, and look for more come summertime.

Stream Skittle Alley’s End of a Story

Life got you down? No energy? Well, Skittle Alley is here to make the world a little bit better. They’re spritely indiepop is precisely what’s needed to uplift the spirits. “When She Dance” immediately had me smiling with its ringing guitar chords working over tight percussive lines. Or, you can jump to the end to find a dreamy dose with “They Can’t Cast a Shadow,” allowing your soul to float into the world with a warm grin. Indiepop might not be for everyone, but I promise you can’t turn away from End of a Story; I suggest downloading it immediately!

Soft Touch from Romantic States

Baltimore’s Romantic States are high up on my list of things to look forward to as the year progresses, especially with Corduroy in Italy just around the corner. Their latest single is a little bit of a low-key ditty, but it’s something that shows an array of sounds we can expect on the new release. Ilenia quietly delivers her vocals over a steady back beat and a maneuvering guitar line that rings out during the chorus. There’s an angelic quality to the way her voice falls off near the end, and then you’re left to reflect on the joy the song will bring you. Look for the band to release their new LP on May 12th via Gentle Reminder.

Fresh Indiepop from Skittle Alley

We’ve been teased with demos and album covers, but now we finally get to hear new Skittle Alley (thanks to IPSML for the heads-up). It almost immediately meets my expectations, offering up that slight jangling, circular guitar before bringing in softened vocals. I’m particularly excited by how the second guitar line joins up a little way in, bringing in another layer and added spirit to an already delightful tune. Their new album, End of a Story, comes out on the 18th of April, and I feel confident in saying that it’s going to jump to the head of the pack…as far as indiepop releases go!

Fresh Indiepop from Goodly Thousands

It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard from Goodly Thousands, and on Friday, I welcome the return of their great craft. They just dropped a new single, which hopefully hints at a new album coming in the very near future. On this number, you’ll hear the band’s sparkling guitar work and accompanying warmth in the front of the mix from the vocals. It’s a short little blast, but a reminder of the great connections that can be made with pop songwriting. Here’s to starting off Friday with refreshing tunes from these lads.

Stream Great Indiepop from The BVs

Feel as if its been slow this year in the realm of indiepop, but as the year progresses, there’s a bunch of stuff on the horizon, like the debut full length from the BVs. I appreciate how the band manages to balance the traditional jangling bits with hazier elements between songs; you get the feeling that Speaking From a Distance might be the most balanced indiepop release in some time. While the LP doesn’t come out for a few weeks, figure its best to keep you satiated by tossing out a stream of the record before its April 7th release date.

New Music from Rat Columns

Perhaps there’s no greater joy for a blogger than to watch a band you love, such as Rat Columns, blossom into something you can tell you’re going to obsess over for years to come. This new single from their album Candle Power is honestly one of the favorite things I’ve stumbled upon this month; it’s got this relaxed indiepop vibe with twinkling bits of bells bouncing through the mix. There’s even a classic rock n’ roll guitar line cutting through in the distance, popping up between verses. Upset the Rhythm release the album on April 1st, and I’m going to love it from that day forth.

Great Pop Tune from Kissing Is a Crime

I’m obviously a huge fan of guitar pop, especially when the distorted guitars sound warmer rather than heavy. This new track from Kissing Is a Crime does just that, almost creating a pop wall of atmospherics with the guitar work. The vocals fit in perfectly, delivered almost as gasps of breath, patient with their delivery. Light little touches of synth add further texture to the song, leaving this one as a great indiepop entry for the masses. Look for their self-titled LP on March 24th via Don Giovanni.

Indiepop from Secret Meadow

It seems that the arms of Jigsaw Records are stretching across all continents, with the influential label now reaching its hands into Indonesia to work with Secret Meadow. The project is fairly new, or so we’re told, but holds great promise. Guitar chords spin around within the confines of the song, especially during the more instrumental latter half of the track. Spiritually, it’s uplifting, as most great indiepop should be, filled with fantastic energy and just enough coated darkness to add a layer of mysteriousness. Together, they label and band have just released Same the Old Fear EP, which you can stream below.

Dream Pop from Skittle Alley

Skittle Alley brought their dreamy indiepop to my attention a while ago, and it looks like the French act are back to their old tricks with a brand new tune for offering. This one is just a demo, so it will be interesting to see if the bare bones of this song leave room for pop explosiveness; I definitely hear spots where you could throw in some heavy synth work and jangling guitar notes. It’s always interesting to hear how your favorite bands work their craft, so have a listen to see where your favorite indiepop gems come from today.

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