New Hit from Red Sleeping Beauty

Red Sleeping Beauty have been around crafting pop tunes for nearly 30 years, and the last few years have seen them really kick back into gear. At current, they’re in the studio working on a new LP, so in the meantime they’ve dropped this delightful hit for all of us to devour. It’s a seemingly simple tune, with driving electronics that build in a natural hook. That catchy line allows for the entrance of the smooth vocal combination of Nikolas Angergard and Kristina Borg; their performance definitely makes the song a special one.

Brand New Alpaca Sports

For several years I’ve adored Alpaca Sports and their spritely indiepop, so I’m more than excited that they’ve finally got a new LP ready to go for you. In this new single, something’s wrong if the opening guitar lines don’t have you bouncing; you can take cues from the band on the proper indiepop dance steps if you need help. Of course, the band wouldn’t be so delightful if they weren’t spinning lyrics of love and infatuation, like the line “I just need you and summer days in the sun” from this tune. Their new LP From Paris with Love will be released later this year via Elefant Records.

SXSW Interview: Say Sue Me

In just over a month, people from all over the world will be traveling into Austin to grab some tacos and share their music. I’m really excited to see Say Sue Me, as you never know how many chances you’ll get to see your favorite Korean pop group. For many of us, if not most of us, this will be our first chance to hear the tracks off their forthcoming album, Where We Were Together (4/13). If I had to curate a Top Ten for the festival, this group would be pretty high on my list, like a number 2 spot. We tossed them our little interview questions and they shot back with the answers below. You can hear their latest single, and see their dates down there too! Read more

People Are Finally Catching on to Say Sue Me

It’s taken some time for the sounds of Say Sue Me to catch on in the United States, though we’ve been fans for some time. The Korean indiepoppers employ the same charming bounce that I’m a huge fan of…and I compared them to crafting the same hook-laden gems akin to Alvvays; I dare not shy away from that comparison now, as they seem to really drive home that similarity on this number. There’s jangling guitars, steady-as-needed drumming and the right pulsing throb from the bassline…think of New Order having a whole lot more fun. Can’t say enough good things about the band, but be sure to check out all the hidden treasures in their back catalog…I suggest “Good for Some Reason.”

Another Wonderful Indiepop Tune from A Certain Smile

Not too long ago we shared “Mexican Coke,” which was a nod to everything we love about the greater genre of indiepop. A Certain Smile are back again with this bouncing number that faintly resembles our local favorites and friends, Tres Oui, though this tune has just a hint more dreaminess. That comes across in the way the vocals are delivered, wispy and light, just hanging out there in the air. The band is just around the corner from releasing their new LP Fits and Starts, which is shaping up to be filled with catchy ditty after ditty; it drops on March 9th.

Sparkling Pop from The Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness

I know next to nothing about The Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness, other than the fact that they’re name pays homage to the Feelies. Other than that, I’ve just been given this bright pop number that you’ll hopefully rave about to all your friends. The crisp guitar sounds circling about your ears are absolutely charming, and the warmth of the melodious vocals shouldn’t escape your attention. At this moment, less than 20 people have jammed out to this track, and that has to change, even though we don’t know a damn thing other than this glorious tune. I have been promised, via the Soundcloud notes, that there will be a 7″ coming later this Spring.

Check the New Tres Oui Tune

Obviously we’re big Tres Oui fans, and we’ve been fortunate enough to get several spins through their forthcoming LP, Poised to Flourish. Today, the band dropped one of the album’s standout tracks, “Red Wine and Dry Ice.” My favorite bit about this song centers on the track’s chorus; Nate delivers a lightning quick mini-verse, ending with the song’s title. But, just as “dry ice” comes through your speakers your met with a rush of distorted guitars as Nate takes on more of a croon. It’s a special moment, both on the record, and in the band’s live performance. You can pre-order their LP from Shrimper Records right HERE.

Stream New Tune from Doble Pletina

There’s this tiny little label running over in Barcelona named Discos de Kirlian; I’ve written about the label a few times in the past. Yesterday they just dropped the delightful Canciones de Aventuras de Kirlian compilation and this wonderful Doble Pletina track struck me. Any fan of playful indiepop will not be able to fall head over heels in love with this tune, working with the core line of “un dia gris” (translated to grey day) melodically hopping over synthesized percussion. This song exemplifies the power of pop, able to emotionally pull you in, whether or not there’s a language barrier. Feel free to fall in love to the rest of the compilation HERE.

Matinee Recordings Bring Presents

As we’ve all noticed, the music news is coming to a slow crawl across your screens. But, some out there are dedicated to keep up the spirit and drop a few more releases. Luckily, one of our favorites, Matinee Recordings, has sprinkled in some delightful indiepop hits to round out the year. We’ve got a few tracks from the Laz Christmas EP, starring Laz from Bubblegum Lemonade fame; the other is a little sample from The Perfect English Weather, giving us a few gems from their English Winter EP. Both releases are now available, so revel that there’s still hits for you to enjoy.

Continually Impressed by Hello Paris

Hello Paris has been on my radar for some time, crafting these bouncing indiepop hits coated in atmospheric washes; it’s precisely what we get with the brand new single that just peaked its head up. Immediately, the drums dance your way into the track, quickly joined by jangling little guitar lines. The vocals, while not entirely clear, add a further texture to the tune, giving it that cool beach vibe we all adore…especially now that Winter is creeping in to our lives. Not entirely sure where this tune will fall in the release schedule of the band, but as of now, you don’t want to sleep on this gem.

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