Fuzzy Indiepop from Belinda May

While you’ve got your head down over Kip calling PoBPaH quits (which you knew was coming), Belinda May are going to give you the best reason to lift it up. Almost immediately, the heavy jangles start to dance their way right into your ear holes. They craft this insane bounce, perfected by the steady rhythm section. It sets up the scene for these warm vocals that seemed wrapped up in a cocoon of fuzz, only dragging you deeper and deeper into the song’s emotions. Reminds me a lot of Austin’s Fanclub, though maybe a hint heavier. This new 7″ track is available via Fastcut Records.

Ducks Unlimited Share Anhedonia

In case you fancy yourself a fan of jangling pop rock or the casual guitar pop of the Oceanic region, you’re going to want to put your ear real close to the speaker here. This fresh single from Ducks Unlimited only cements the band as one of the best new voices in the indiepop/guitar pop scene. It’s borderline jangle, with the guitars sort of intertwining with a certain sharpness that reveals brightened notes and melody. The vocals have this indifferent cool, which also sort of reveals itself in the “fuck off” lines in the first minute or so. If this is the first release, its one hell of a knockout punch. The Get Bleak EP drops on the 29th of November courtesy of our faves, Bobo Integral.

Digging on The Umbrella Puzzles

Everyone in the little circle of indiepop nerds has been dropping hints to me that I should check out the Umbrella Puzzles, and I’m glad I finally came to my senses. You can stream the band’s forthcoming EP before its release, and you’ll hear what I’m talking about. My first run through, I could hear the indiepop vibes going on in the vocals; they have that melodic softness that makes fans of the genre swoon. Musically, it had this almost classic psychedelic pop moment, but the more I listened, the more I feel like the band has no problem calling themselves fans of acts like Television Personalities. Sure, there’s a nostalgic rock vibe, but it has this bounce to it that you’ll surely find yourself enjoying this afternoon. The EP is available on November 14th from

Sprinters Share 3s & 4s

It’s shaping up to be an energetic and fun Friday, so lets fill it with a little bit more upbeat indiepop to take you into the weekend. Sprinters have already shared one track off their forthcoming Struck Gold LP, and here we have the band providing a dreamy dose of energy to the difficult subject of losing a friend. I love the way the guitars seem to have this sort of glimmering sheen to them; it gives a touch of brightness to the song’s dreamier sense of melancholy…it’s that juxtaposition that makes this song so memorable. You’ll be able to grab the LP from the esteemed Meritorio Records on November 15th.


New Indiepop from Lost Film

Having just recently announced a brand new album, we’ve now got the next single from Lost Film‘s forthcoming Zero Summer. For me, I was struck by the way the vocals were done, at least in the opening few lines; there’s this group vocal vibe that almost gives off this feeling that we’re all in this together. There’s a slight uptick in energy during the chorus, with the beat working just a little bit faster, holding tight to Jimmy Hewitt’s crisp guitar lines throughout. This is shaping up to be a collection of heartfelt pop songs that are sure to charm the pants off anyone who takes the time to indulge their sweet tooth here.

Stream Alaska from Ultim Cavall

It’s Friday, and people are all about those streams, but I want you to be all about those pop songs; the kind that instinctively make you swoon, like the entire LP from Ultim Cavall. I’ve given you a few of these tunes already, and I know that the non-English lyrical content is a bit of a stretch…but dammit if these songs don’t just you want to learn new languages. The entirety of Alaska walks this line between bouncy indiepop and the dreamiest of dream pop numbers. “Els Ilacs” is a jam and a half, but I’ve really grown partial to the title track, “Alaska.” Just ten solid pop tracks to make your life infinitely better. Out now on Discos de Kirlian.

Brand New Track from Romantic States

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m super high up on my love for Romantic States, and now with the title track from the group’s forthcoming Ballerina LP, I’m just going all in. For me, this track’s all about Ilenia’s performance; she seems so calm, yet so expressive in the slightest ways…like syllables with emphatic punch or dropping off at the last second. Behind her is the steadying rhythm section and the slightly jangling guitar chords; it’s like they’ve sponsored an indiepop seance and decided to write the whole score; you’re captivated with no room to escape, luckily. Their new LP will be out on November 6th via Gentle Reminder Records.

Fuzzy Indiepop from Stars on Fire

Everyone should be listening to this song from Stars on Fire today, so grab a friend, bring them over and set this song before them. You can revel in the driving force of the guitars, peeled back ever so carefully to reveal these bright sparkles of melody. There’s just something about it that feels so special, something that feels like the world finally understands me. There’s almost a nostalgic indie rock in the guitar, as if Thurston Moore wrote these riffs, but its spun behind this fuzzy blanket of soft vocal lines that are maximizing the tracks’ melody. Definitely needed this song; look for the Songs of the Summer to drop on October 25th via Emma’s House Records.

Boyfriend Genes Share Best Friend

It’s interesting how your mood impacts your listening choices, or perhaps the other way around, but whatever the case, this morning’s got me sort of floating along in this little dreamy pop realm. This Boyfriend Genes tune is doing just the right trick too, offering up this thoughtful dream pop of sorts; the guitar notes sort of have that natural sense of longing that has you staring outside at the world…which, to me, is the perfect sense of Friday. As the song unfolds, there’s a slight little haze on the vocals, fogging up the window to the outside world we so desperately want to join…or at least us folks locked up inside four walls. Have an escape with this Brooklyn duo.

Pop Tune from No Middle Name

Getting in the mood for the season has me fawning for what we all deemed twee pop, and No Middle Name are hitting the sweet spot for me today. They’ve got a new release that provides some natural bounce combined with the perfect male/female counter vocal. It works perfectly, particularly if you realize the song’s lyrics narrate a girl bringing her boyfriend home, who the family disapproves of, so the plan their escape. It’s the best lighthearted way to start off your Friday morning, so steep your feeling deep in this cup of pop tea, then thank me later.

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