Honey Cutt Share Vacation

Sometimes I think to myself that they just don’t ever make pop music like they used to, and then I’m hit with a song like this new one from Honey Cutt. The song jangles in all the right spots, with spot on bounce provided by the rhythm section. I love how there are two guitar lines, seemingly giving you two different approaches…one jangling and giving energy, while the other seems far more intent on wandering off, much like the song’s theme. It doesn’t hurt that Kaley Honeycutt has the most mesmerizing voice, the sort that sets indiepop hearts a flutter, sort of rising and falling in between notes. This is going to be one hell of a debut LP; Coasting is out March 13th via Kanine Records.

Dropkick Share Catching On

With the vinyl release of the Lucksmiths Naturaliste last month, it had me wondering, who is best suited to fill that void in my life? Seems like Dropkick are the perfect band to fill that void, especially with what we’ve heard from the forthcoming The Scenic Route. This new single is filled with understated jangle, just playfully crafting a warm melody that perfectly aligns with the delivery of the vocal lines. I love the vocal in the chorus; it feels like its sweeping down from above to carry you away in this blanket of blissful harmony. The new LP will be out on February 7th via Bobo Integral.

Did You Listen to Dummy?

There was tons of music passed over during our little hiatus, but one that I was really looking forward to sharing was this delightful track from Dummy (featuring members of Wildhoney). It’s a five second wait before the band reveal their pop-heavy sounded; I love the way the “ba-ba” backing vocals are almost used as their own pop instrument rather than just a vocal. The main vocal sits back coolly in the mix, kind of hanging out while the fuzz swarms and pulses in and out of your eardrums; the song’s filled with all these little layers and textures you’ll keep coming back to sample each bit. It’s the sort of ear candy that builds the anticipation for a future release, which we’re told is slated for later this year.

Strawberry Generation Share Recollections EP

Rhode Island outfit Strawberry Generation have been hanging around, at least to our knowledge, for several years, with a handful of EPs to their name. Today, the band are out to share their Recollections EP for Sunday Records; it collects remixed and remastered versions of early tunes, as well as throwing in a brand new track to tease what’s coming from the band’s debut LP (out later this year!). For those unfamiliar with the group, you’ll find the band a multi-headed indiepop outfit, capable of charming with understated melodic gems like the below “(My Love is Like A) Satellite” or punchy pop numbers like “Coffee.” Listening through, you’ll notice they switch up vocalists quite often, which builds in a diversity not always present in the genre. New tune “Kitchen+ Crisis” is the slow blossoming pop sort, billowing with backing harmonies and some lush arrangements. Grab the EP now from Sunday Records, and look for the full length debut come this Spring!

Jangling Pop Number from Baseball Gregg

A bi-continental recording project, Baseball Gregg have quite a story to share with the world. But, more important, they’ve got some incredible songs out there too, particularly this brand new single. Sharp little guitar riffs jangle in, then go deeper in tone to bubble beneath the surface, always adding a certain swagger to the track. The vocals are soft and understated, holding the tune together like this melodic little bit of glue; I love the chorus when they seem to take off like a shooting star, coolly rising into the ether of the tune. Just spend a minute or two tapping your toes and bouncing around with this pop jangle.

Wilson Hernandez (of Tennis Club) Announces Last Sunday EP

If you were looking at our Year in Indiepop post, I hope you scrolled down to catch the mention of Tennis Club and their album Pink. That’s at play here as Wilson Hernandez has an EP coming out next Friday via BirthDIY, and we’ve got the lead track here for you to consume. If you light those light jangling guitars, then this one’s a dead winner for you; you’ll find extra guitars dancing atop the mix too, playfully weaving in and out of focus while the steadying beat maximizes the emotional appeal. Short and sweet, like the best ear candy; Last Sunday EP is out next Friday, so grab it HERE.

The Lucksmiths Share Camera Shy Video

What?! The Lucksmiths are sharing a new video? Didn’t that band call it quits in 2009!? Well, yes, but they’re putting out their very incredible Naturaliste on vinyl for the very first time since its 2003 release. The video takes a bunch of old video footage and compiles it into one giant story of nostalgic warmth; the band seem carefree and frivolous throughout, which is probably the way we’d all love to be remembered. I feel like the song speaks for itself, as the gentle shuffle of the guitar sound is something that’s filled my own record collection; they were one of the most consistent joys in music for so long. If you’re a fan or just getting turned onto it, the band will release Naturaliste this Friday.

The Year in Indiepop…According to Nathan

As we’re all looking back on the year 2019, I tend to gravitate towards lists with little agenda, other than to shine a light back on the year in the areas I adore. For one, the indiepop scene. Now, there’s always a great big debate about what indie pop is, so for all intents and purposes, I admit that I just don’t care, so the genre’s purists can yell at me later. Now, this may read as a best of, but merely this is the stuff that stuck out in my brain, so if I missed something, I love you and I’m sorry. Honestly, it just gave me a chance to make a fun playlist (2+ hours!) full of hits for all you pop fans.



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Joyous Pop from the Just Joans

I’m glad the musical world hasn’t stopped just because year end listing is in full swing, as we wouldn’t have been gifted this glorious pop number from the Just Joans. For me, this song’s all about the vocal constructs that give the tune success. Don’t get me wrong, the track has the right musical punch where necessary, but it’s definitely the delivery of the lyrics. They definitely have that sort of disaffected youth or perhaps that sort of deadpan melancholy, but the “wee guys” choral backing track really makes the song something more than memorable. Just imagine if Arab Strap wanted to be a proper rock band. The Private Memoirs and Confessions of the Just Joans will be out on January 10th via Fika Recordings.

Fresh Fanclub Track

The indiepop scene in Austin has its ebbs and flows, but over the last few years, Fanclub have been keeping it going, pretty much on their own. Today they share their newest tune, another propulsive guitar pop number with Leslie’s voice offering that textured softness pop fans fawn over. As always, they employ a fair amount of synth samples in their work, which add that energetic pulse, building in layers sound to avoid the banal pitfalls of the genre. As always, they’ve nailed the perfect balance in this tune, and let’s hope that another single and news of an LP follow in the very near future.

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