Flowers Drop a Million Ideas

What exactly is this new release from Flowers? Well, it seems to be about 70 demos the group have recorded, perhaps while working on a brand new triple LP? One can only guess, but one thing we do get to enjoy as indiepop fans is a slice of the band’s delectable sound, over and over again. I’ve spent my morning thumbing through the various entries; it’s like an indiepop ADHD journey, bouncing between upbeat and melodic slowpop, enchanting all the while. Whatever day it is, it’s never bad time to let Flowers take you away…and you can have it all for the NYP special on Bandcamp HERE.

Young Scum Drop Indiepop Hit

Did you love that Tres Oui LP? Well, just imagine that album, stripped of Stevesie; you’ll get a clean indiepop sound, which is precisely what Young Scum are offering us on this new single. It ends up giving the band a more spritely version of the pop the Lucksmiths were crafting, but I know these guys have a penchant for distortion, so perhaps we’ll get a mix of both to delight us. Only time will tell, as the band will release their debut LP via Citrus City and Pretty Olivia Records on July 6th.

Flying Fish Cove Deliver Classic Indiepop

Flying Fish Cove is the latest pop export from Seattle, immediately setting the charm levels on high as soon as you press play on their latest EP. The opening tune “Sleight of Hand” kicks in with those jangling chords with furious drumming speed to set the tone behind Dena’s vocals. They settle down for a brief moment on the following tune, but jump right back into the bread-and-butter bouncing indiepop you’ll need to get through the rest of this week. I especially like how “Pony Bracelet” seems to operate in varying segments, all of which could hint at the band’s sound in the future…or maybe not. Check out the whole EP right below or grab it from Jigsaw Records!

Get On This Terry vs Tori EP

Not sure why no one alerted me to this, but hot damn if this Terry vs Tori EP from back in January isn’t just the perfect midweek snack. The Spanish four piece sort of plays all over the indiepop map; “Larusso” seems like something every band’s been trying to capture, jangling and melodic; it’s followed behind by “Parallel Lines,” which brings in more of a dreamy element into the fold. All these things are great, and I just wish I knew about the band beforehand, as I feel like I’ve been missing out on quality listening time. Grab the remaining copies from Box Bedroom Rebels (you can grab me one while you’re at it!).

New Indiepop from Marc Elston

My discovery of this new brief Marc Elston release began with a recommendation from Adriano of Postal Blue, who helped with the mixing and mastering on these songs. It was then that I realized Marc was also one of the main members of Bulldozer Crash, who came to my attention when Jigsaw releasedTHIS COMPILATION. As it is with indiepop, it always comes full circle. Of these three tracks, it’s hard to pick a favorite. I love the overall feel of “Your Every Thought,” with its uplifting sound; I also like the jangle shuffle on “I Wouldn’t Want To.” These songs are all relatively short and charming, the way a good indiepop release should be. Go have a listen.

Your Favorite Colour Drops Debut Single

You might not know Your Favorite Colour, but here’s to hoping the music finds its way into your home. The backstory, and one reason for my adoration, is that Ben, the songwriter here, is from The Lodger…a band so vastly underrated that its criminal. These two tunes have slight hints at the the past sound, though they’re slightly more subdued in regards to energy; it closely resembles some of the stuff The Lucksmiths were known for crafting. Central to the power will be the melody, though I like the quiet of “A Quick Goodbye,” sincere and intimate, even as extra layers billow through your speakers. Not sure what this means for the future, but for now, another great reason to celebrate Thursday. Also, it gives me reason to go back and listen to THIS GEM.

New High Rise Finale Tune

We’ve been riding the High Rise Finale horse pretty hard over here at ATH, and now we’re back on it with news of a brand new single/video from the band. The video displays the band in animated form, driving home the simplistic set-up employed to maximize the pull on your heart-strings. Electronic atmospherics float about the driving pulse…with lyrics delivered in a matter-of-fact manner. There’s even a momentary breakdown that feels an awful lot like a Salad Fingers reference (but perhaps I hang out with middle school kids too much). Still, indiepop is best when its stripped down and offered in the sincerest form, so cheers to the group for another hit; the single drops worldwide next Friday.

Actions from Neil Ritchie on Vimeo.

Stream Summer’s Falling EP from Nah

Not too long ago we, hopefully, turned you on to the delightful indiepop stylings of new group, Nah. While that single was a great tease, you can now stream the 5 track Summer’s Falling EP in its entirety. Having listened through at least a dozen times, it feels like walking into a candy shop…every song is just as sweet as the next, though of course, I have my favorite. “Linus” has me in its grasp at the moment, with Estella’s low octave vocals rising to meet the song’s melody. Really you could listen to this EP all the way through and never grow weary of its sound…so why not do that now.

New Jangling Pop from The Color Waves

I haven’t actually written about the Color Waves in almost three years, but thanks to a friend I’ve discovered the band have a new tune…and a new LP on the way. This track has this jangling chilled out vibe, with electronic rhythm section keeping the song’s pace. Those guitar chords wrap around your innards, pulling every drop of emotion; the vocals, particularly in the song’s latter half are warmly charming. Wish I had a whole lot more to offer on the new release, but as of now, we know it’s titled At Bay…we’ll keep you posted if we get more.

Have You Heard Nah?

While we were away during SXSW, we missed some special tunes, but perhaps none hits home with me more than this charming number from Nah. It’s a shimmering indiepop ditty with an infectious natural bounce, offset perfectly by the warmth that comes across in the delivery of the vocals from Sebastian, Kenji and Estella. While the duo started the project as a joke, they ended up crafting a delightful EP that we’ll be sure to rave about when it drops. For now, you’re best to just sit back and fall in love with this group from the get-go; I rarely send indiepop fans the wrong way!

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