Friday is for Finnmark!

finnyI’ve backed the boys in Finnmark! for quite some time, and I’m really excited to hear their brand new album, Things Always Change.  There’s a delightful jangle to the work of the band on their latest single, although I’ll admit there’s a great deal of maturity here, in both songwriting and the vocals.  It reminds me of the best of Cats on Fire, so you can’t really ignore something this special. This ditty is brief, spanning just beyond the 2 minute mark, thus allowing you to get your pop fix over and over again in quick succession.  The band’s debut will be released via Beko Disques on May 15th, and it looks to be something really really special…the sort of album indiepop fans will hold dear for years to come.

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Skittle Alley Are Back At It

10477397_10152746068322091_6991957065971955556_nI feel like I’ve been neglecting my one true love, indiepop as of late.  But, luckily I was treated to a magical new tune from Skittle Alley while browsing the Internet today.  As of now, the tune is titled as a “demo,” but I kind of hope they keep the aesthetic going into the mastering process. There’s a twinkling effect to the guitars, and the vocals are delivered perfectly, leaving your heart dreaming, just as great indiepop should do. No word on when will get to hear an entire album worth of material, but if it keeps going in this direction it’s going to be marvelous.

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Nice Vibe from Toner

tonerYou follow the right people long enough, and eventually you get turned on to some really good things, thus how I came to discover Toner.  They were mentioned in passing as a more crystalline Rat Columns, so of course I rushed to check them out.  My two cents might see them playing in the same musical space as early Literature, though with a little bit more sprawling noise to their sound…on this track they rush to the punch, then pull back to close it out.  The debut self-titled LP from the project will be out on April 7th, but like I said, you should sample it now.



Indiepop Delights from The Tamborines

tamboIf I were going to pick a track that I’d absorb more than any other in this short week, it would have to be this track from The Tamborines.  The track I’ve got below is actually an old track, but it’s fairly new to me, so I felt like I had to toss it up.  Plus, the band are readying the release of their new album, Sea of Murmur, so seems fitting.  This tune is more of the straight indiepop style, though the band also branch out into a realm of shoe gaze often too; I’ll be interested to hear what all the new record has to offer. Kick back and enjoy the hell out of this tune.




Finnmark! Return With Classic Pop

finnMan, how I missed Finnmark!. I guess the troubles of being in a band are recording, touring and funding, so perhaps the band have hit some snags in getting new material my way (I hope not). But, they passed me this great new jam, which is part of the excellent February Records 5th Anniversary Compilation.  You want an indiepop gem? You don’t have to go far, this time with the band slowing things down with chugging guitar chords and a deeper tonal quality; it’s the sort of track that makes all your friends swoon when you put it on their latest mixtape.  Hope so hard these guys keep it going and bring us more new tunes.

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Indiepop Joy from Skittle Alley

10523116_10152579979492091_287849880994909169_nGotta throw a nod towards my friend at IPSMYL for pointing out this great new track from Skittle Alley; it’s made my day just to know this track is out there.  I’ve written about the French group before, and they’ve lived up, and perhaps surpassed my expectations with this tune, even if it’s labeled as a demo.  I honestly don’t think it needs much more…the vocals have that indiepop softness, the guitars jangle in all the right places and there’s an overall emotional appeal that makes the song worth repeating over and over again.  Can’t wait to see what’s next from these guys.

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Keep Your Eyes on Expert Alterations

expatThere’s no doubt in my mind that I’m a huge indiepop fan; it’s what I clamor for on a daily basis, and the one thing I miss in Austin (give or take a few bands).  So, I went to hit up a show at Cheer Ups last week to catch one of those acts, Rose Selavy.  They were great, and I expected they would be; they’re still a fairly new band in town, working through the early stages, but I have no doubt they’ll make waves soon.  But, immediately following them was Expert Alterations from Baltimore.  One word to describe their sound: classic.  There was jangle, bubbling bass, steady percussion and a little bit of reverb on the vocals.  Honestly, it made my night, so here I am a week later imploring you to keep an eye on the band. Here’s their most recent cassette that should give you reason to love them.

More Delightful Tunes from Tigercats

kittiesJust a bit ago I brought you a new jam from Tigercats, and at the time, I thought it was going to be something glorious, or at least I hoped.  Now that I’ve heard the latest single from the band, I can pretty much guarantee it’s going to be something special.  The careful interplay between male and female vocalists is always endearing, and it’s done exceptionally well here, with keyboardist Laura stepping into her own with the lead role.  You’ll hear some nice doses of keyboards working beneath the harmonies here, all making this indiepop fan swoon.  Look for their album, Mysteries, to come soon via Fortuna Pop.

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Austin Spotlight: Rose Selavy

roseyFree Week in Austin is all about discovery, or at least it used to be about discovery…so I’ve got one that I think deserves your attention: Rose Selavy. The group has fulfilled my need for someone new to bring some delightful indiepop to our fair city (She Sir can’t hold down the fort forever!). They’ve only got one single for you to hear, but it’s enough that it should entice you to catch their sets.  You’ll hear jangling guitars knifing their way through this song, using synth stabs and nice vocal touches to wrap you in the perfect warmth.  They’ll be playing Free Week at Holy Mountain on Saturday, so if you’re not afraid of the cold…this is a good solid spot to end up.

Greatness Continued for The June Brides

julygroomsI’m really glad that Phil Wilson came back to music; I’ve enjoyed his solo work quite a bit since that triumphant return, but I’m really excited for his music with The June Brides too.  Seems like the old band is back together, and finding themselves on the only home that’s fitting, Slumberland Records.  This feels like listening to the guitar playing that spawned a revolution of wandering indiepop fans. They’ll be releasing their new She Seems Quite Free 7″ on September 1st; it’ll probably be the best thing you can get yourself as a post-Labor Day treat.  Feels too good to listen to this track. Must stop. Your turn.

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