Pleased to Meet You: Grrl Gang

Yesterday I compiled a huge list of traditional indiepop, my own Best of 2018 for the genre. In there, I exclaimed how I was really digging into Indonesian indiepop scene, but apparently I hadn’t dug deep enough because a friend pointed me towards Grrl Gang. In circling back, it seems that there’s a huge gap in my coverage that needs to be filled; this band is so so good. The opening tune, “Love Song” on the band’s Not Sad, Not Fulfilled EP is jumping, fueled by a steady beat and delicious vocal harmonies. For me, the winner of the five tracks is the forlorn feel of “Night Terrors;” lightly twinkling guitars, subdued vocals made me an immediate convert. The band are currently giving these songs away, so do them a favor and throw them a dollar or two so they can write more; do that HERE.

Jigsaw Doubles Down on Indonesian Indiepop

It seems that all over the world people are jamming to those jangling guitars and smooth harmonies that make us swoon…and Jigsaw Records is helping educate me (and others, I hope) on the indiepop scene over in Indonesia. The first of two releases from the area is the new LP from Sharesprings titled Paraparlor; they sound exactly like you’d want them to if you were into indiepop in any way. The other release is from Kaveh Kanes (which I always wondered if that was a GoBetweens reference), offering up the band’s second full-length, Loanwords. They employ similar dreamy guitar work, though there songs seem softer to a degree, blanketing the listener in pop music. Both releases are available, so go and grab ’em while their hot.

Indiepop from Toy Tambourine

First, this song was suggested to me by Indie Pop Saved My Life, so I take no discovery credit here other than this song is so so great. Toy Tambourine playthe sort of indiepop tunes that I’ve loved for so long, fueled by energetic guitar chords with just the right amount of distortion. The vocals overlap one another seamlessly, providing depth to the overall sound. It’s looking like this song will appear on Indonesian pop label, Shiny Happy Records, which seems like the perfect place for a band such as this. I’m looking forward to hearing more, but for now, do your part and fall in love.