SXSW Interviews: Prince Rama

As we continue our SXSW coverage, we’re bringing to you a group that sadly gets lumped in with psychedelic rock, not that we don’t like that style, but Prince Rama is so much more than that.  They’re a whole lot more experimental, combinging elements of Eastern world music, creating an atypical sound from the get-go.  They played a great show in Austin earlier this year with Gang Gang Dance, so we expect another great performance. Oh, and apparently cats are the loneliest thing if their owned by touring bands. Read more

SXSW Interview: Shimmering Stars

Our SXSW interviews continue today with Canada’s Shimmering Stars.  Last year they released Violent Hearts on Hardly Art Records, and while it had a little bit of the modern jangle, it harkened back to a purer era in rock n’ roll…the sort you’re mom or dad probably played around the house when you were growing up (I know mine did).  Check out what singer/guitarist Rory has to say on the upcoming festival and life in general. Read more

Fun Fest Interviews: We Were Promised Jetpacks

Man it seems like Fun Fest was ages ago at this point and we’ve been lagging just a bit behind on our post festival coverage as far as interviews go.  It probably has a lot to do with the complete lack of experience I have with video editing software…  So yes, the cat is out of the bag, ATH decided to do some video interviews over the festival weekend for the very first time and we’re hoping you’ll enjoy this new component of the site.  In the future, we’re hoping to begin incorporating more and more video with our interviews, lost in austin series, and more general videos featuring new music.  We’re like so 2011 now. Without further ado, follow the jump for our Fun Fest VIDEO interview with Sean and Mike from We Were Promised Jetpacks.

Read more

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