Nomke Shares Ended by the Morning Video

Thanks to our work with Bones Garage over the past two years, I’ve been able to get hints at other great Israeli acts, like Nomke. This is the first single off the True Queen LP, and it’s quite a stunner. You’ll find the guitar has this driving influence, just riffs and vocals before the drums jump on board to add some pace to the track. I think the voice has this softened fragility, as if Nomke is bearing her soul, which makes sense considering the thematic idea that often times our feelings and passions are “ended by the morning sun.” Feels like a great way to start off the week.

Bones Garage Share I’ve Loved Video

Hopefully you recall last year’s Oi Ma Yeah, the Bones Garage LP we helped put out into the world (listen here) because it was an excellent pop record, perhaps overlooked by folks in the US. But, the Tel Aviv act is back again this year with Poland, another LP we’ll have a hand in getting out to the masses. Today, they share “I’ve Loved,” which is perhaps one of the more striking songs on the new record; it’s a song all about loving everyone you encounter, despite not loving yourself enough. The video, like the song, is stripped down, focusing entirely on Ariel as she shares her song with you. Let’s hope you’re all paying attention this round, as the group is phenomenal and we’re super happy to have a small hand in sharing their music with you.

Yet Another Jam From Monad

Well I think I’ve made it fairly clear that up and comers Monad from Tel Aviv are likely my new favorite band of 2020. We’ve shared a few songs already and today I’ve got yet another new one in the form of this track called “Dawn Chorus”. I am once again pleased to find some wonderful elements of a shoegaze style blended well with a more psych-pop vibe. One can even pick up a few hints of disco and R&B undertones which really create some special sounds here.

Monad’s new EP Dissolution is out today and available for purchase here.

Another Stunner From Monad

A couple of months ago Nicole shared the new single from Tel Aviv based Monad, and I’m pleased to be sharing this new one from the band today. On “September” we are once again treated to a beauty of psych rock, dreamy pop music fit to stand beside the very best of the genre. Though he may be living on the other side of the world, Eshchar Nachmany, and his project know as Monad, is sure to be making waves in the online music world.

This track appears on a new EP entitled Dissolution due out on January 31st.

Bones Garage Share New Single

As a web site, we cover stuff from all over the globe, but as ATH Records, we’ve mostly focused our attentions at home in Austin. Then I heard this new album from Bones Garage, and was floored, so I reached out to the band hoping they’d let me put out a tape for Oi Ma Yeah. They complied, so here I am sharing the newest single from the group; the expansive “Homo Sapiens Love.” While the first two singles were straight pop material, this track spans over 6 minutes, working back and forth between post-rock and thoughtful pop. Ambient moments and buzzsaw guitars ring out, though the band uses their patience to calmly tease out the track’s pop sensibility, which floats in with this light guitar bit. I could probably write about this track forever, and never cover all the finer details, so see below for yourself! The album drops March 29th, but if you’re looking for acts to catch at SXSW, pencil this bunch in your schedule.