Bee Bee Sea Share Day Ripper

I loved the first two Bee Bee Sea singles, so why would I turn my back on the Italian trio for their third one? This one’s got a bit of a sort of prog meets psych, mashed up with a nice bit of garage rock. It’s heavy and outlandish, perhaps that sort of fury and flare you’d expect at an Osees (however you spell it now) show. Perhaps one of my favorite bits is just the slightest hint of a pop nod leaking in sparingly, all before the band just ramps up the energy and rocks the tune out to a close. The band are set to release Day Ripper on October 9th via Wild Honey Records.

New Jam from Bee Bee Sea

Sometimes you just need to let loose on a Friday, and this track from Bee Bee Sea seems like the perfect way for us to look in on the weekend. I couldn’t help but feel the hooks of this song get me right from the start; there’s almost that sort of Nobunny/Hunx vibe working. It’s gritty and garage-y, but it’s not going to shy away from having one hell of a good time with us all. Let your hair down and have a little fun with this Italian outfit. The tune below appears on their new LP, Day Tripper, which drops in October via Wild Honey Records.

Rocking Number From Bee Bee Sea

Looks like we’re off to yet another fun filled week at home with way too much time on our hands to check out a ton of new music. Today I bring you a song called “Daily Jobs” from Italian rock band Bee Bee Sea. It features a sort of scuzzy, fast paced form of post-punk music akin to a guy like Ty Segall, King Tuff or The Oh Sees. Of course if you read this site, you know that means I am very much into this track. Check it out now.

Bee Bee Sea will release new album Day Ripper in October via Wild Honey Records.


Haunting Shoegaze from Be Forest

Wanted to wrap up today with something eerie, so I’m grateful that this new single from Be Forest just dropped. There’s an ominous tone from the get-go, built on these dancing guitar lines atop a thundering rhythm section. It’s beautifully contrasted with the softness of the vocals, though the vocals seem to be frightened away as the song builds towards the track’s middling interlude. Then it returns, only to fade away into the back of the track, quietly slipping away from us all. The group will release Knocturne on February 8th via WWNBB. Also, since its time to look at SXSW, the band will be coming in from Italy to play here in Austin, with a few other scattered US dates.

Circling Back on the Whip Hand

As the year’s end comes nearer, I’m revisiting notes and such things I’ve made to remind myself of what I really enjoyed. Somehow, I skipped over writing about the Whip Hand, even though it made it into my indiepop list, so I aim to remedy that now. The band walks the careful line between indiepop and shoegaze, utilizing these sharp jagged guitar chords to encourage toe tapping, whilst drawing out vocal notes in a dreamier fashion. Their album Sometimes, We Are, just dropped in October, so you can still go out there and be cool by discovering it and sharing with your friends…like me! Grab the album from Lady Sometimes Records.

Dream Pop from Starframes

Starframes are an Italian act with a pretty decent resume, having release several LPs and an EP since their inception in 2004. They’ll be back soon with the group’s new Nicht Vergessen LP, which is slated for release later in 2018. This particular track circles around the life of the narrator, Friedrick Braun…a creation of songwriter Raphael Bramont. I love how Raphael’s voice seems to be this intimate whisper, carrying a melody that permeates the tune. Plus, a close ear will find some excellent guitar work and some nods to the pioneers of the genre. Hope you love it.

Get To Rockin’ With Crimen

Nathan and I are ready to kick off our summer time fun in the next day or so and we need some solid rock jams to power us through the season. Thankfully I’ve just been sent this solid new rocker called “Six Weeks” from Rome based band Crimen. It certainly has a psych rock vibe to it with powerful drums, fuzzy as hell guitars, and a superbly distorted bass riff. Give me more of this please.

Crimen will release Silent Animals on June 29th via Fuzz Club.

Digging on Soviet Soviet

sovietsovietThere was a time in the early 2000s when I soaked up all these post-punk acts, especially the ones that played along the lines of the genres dark side while still looking to give me a hook; I remember Stellastarr* being one of the bands that highlighted that sound. So, hearing Soviet Soviet, I’m totally taken back, and completely falling for the group. Sure, there’s some careful moments where they’re playing with ambient noise bits, but almost the entirety of this single is this swelling hook filled bit of angular pop…that middle ground where shoegaze let us all in on underlying accessibility. The Italian act just announced Endless, and sounds like a good time to me; look for it via Felte on December 2nd.

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New Single & Video From Bergen

12346393_1028336280551107_8372644075798823823_nFinding new artists to share with you eager awaiting fans is a bit of fun for us here at ATH and today I’ve got a new one for ya with Bergen. The duo, based between London and Padova, Italy, create an interesting new form of dream pop mixed with some darker elements of the shoe gaze genre. I highly recommend watching this entrancing video to go along with their new song “Girl” as it accompanies the tune rather nicely. This track appears on a new EP coming out soon. I will of course be sharing more information once I have it. Enjoy.


Sweet New Track From Brothers in Law

unnamed (5)As we all recover from what was surely a long weekend, I thought we could all go for something a little dreamy this morning to boost our moods.  Today that goodness comes our way from previously loved by ATH band Brothers in Law.  Yes this Italian group should brighten all of our spirits today with this sweet new tune called “Middle of Nowhere”.  Just soak up all of the dreamy delights here and continue about your day.

Raise will be out on January 29th via We Were Never Boring.

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