Our Ithaca Creek Release It’s 09 and the Future Looks Good

I’m a little weary of buying into the story of Our Ithaca Creek, as there seem to be various accounts of the creation of both band and this album, It’s 09 and the Future Looks Good; I can live with just a hint of mystery. All I know is that I’ve really been enjoying the album’s lead single all weekend long, which really has its own sound, and while sounding great, doesn’t wholly fit into my own preconceived notions of current Aussie music. There’s this softness in the chorus that sort of gets stomped out, like they’re kicking down the door to save the world. The rest of the song seems to have this similar wistful feeling, like we’re out here searching for great answers to life’s questions; there’s a lot of promise in the future, if you care to look.