Another Great Tune from Cut Worms

While I’ve admittedly been a really power-pop/indiepop state of mind, this tune from Cut Worms was able to make its way into repeated spins. Songwriter Max Clarke is said to have written this tune after the passing of Lou Reed, and I think Lou’s looking down with a grin. The slight quiver in the vocals really helps deliver that emotional pull, and I like the natural melodic turns that come with change of phrasing. Something nostalgic here, making me wish I was turning this up as I drove off into the horizon. Look for the Alien Sunset EP from Cut Worms on October 20th via Jagjaguwar.

Cut Worms Signs with Jagjaguwar

Good news for people who like good music; Cut Worms has signed on with Jagjaguwar, helping to spread of Max Clarke across the globe. I appreciate the fact that while Clarke operates within the confines of folk, he seems to be approaching it in slightly different manner, something that sounds more orchestrated and grand than many of his peers; it just makes the whole composition sound more soulful, matched by Max’s voice. His debut EP, Alien Sunset, will be released by the label on October 20th.

Midnight Sister Shares New Video

Midnight Sister first got our attention with this zany video, and with the release of this new video they’re pulling us in a little closer in anticipation of the debut of their full length album. “Clown” is no exception to this excitement. The song is a nostalgic orchestral pop lullaby, complete with sweeping string arrangements that will leave you swooning. The whole number feels like a blast from the past, with cutting melancholy that’s doubled down by the pristine vocals from Juliana Giraffe and the visual accompaniment of two figures slow dancing in the middle of an empty street. Take a peek below and get ready for the release ofSaturn Over Sunset, which will be out September 28 via Jagjaguwar. Pre-order it here.


Bizarre Video From Midnight Sister

Absurdist pop group Midnight Sister should be at the top of your list when it comes to artists to watch, as they’re making major waves with only two singles released. The music is nostalgic, playing heavily on the 70s organ sound and the quirky vocals. While minimalist in nature, the music video makes up for the airy tune with its weirdo aesthetic that will have your eyes glued to the screen for its duration. “Blue Cigar” has a Nico vibe, but channels modern pop a little more towards its end. Take a peek below.


More From Trevor Sensor

Today, Trevor Sensor has released the title track from his upcoming release, Andy Warhol’s Dream, and it is yet another solid track from the gentleman. While his earlier work reminded me a whole lot of The Tallest Man on Earth, it seems that Sensor has found his stride in expanding his sound towards an americana direction. You still get the ever haggard and rough vocals that you’ve come to love from this artist, but the piano really shines as a bright and clean counterpart to the grit of Sensor’s voice. Take a listen below and then go pre-order his new album here.

Andy Warhol’s Dream will be out June 16 via Jagjaguwar.

Thrasher From Dasher

Dasher have recently signed to Jagjaguwar Records,announced their debut album, Sodium, and shared the title track from this upcoming record. While I’m not prone to listen to music such as heavy as this, there’s definitely something pulling about the post-punk instrumentation that caught my ear. The vocals are a harsh scream that may take some getting used to, but the band does a great job building the track to its climactic finish. Take a listen below and then go pre-order their forthcoming record right here.

Sodium will be out July 14.



Trevor Sensor Announces Debut LP, Shares New Track

If you’ve been following along with the success of young Trevor Sensor, you’ll know that he’s signed to Jagjaguwar and has been getting some much deserved attention. It pleases me to announce that with this signing he’s also just announced his debut album,Andy Warhol’s Dream,and shared a new single/video. “High Beams” is below, which features Sensor and his signature scraggily pipes touting his guitar in front of various landscape shots with some backup dancers doing their thing. It’s a silly concept for a great track, and I’m digging the fast pace of this song and americana bounce to the piano. Take a listen.

Andy Warhol’s Dreamwill be out June 16th via Jagjaguwar.

Pleased to Meet You Midnight Sister

Jagjaguwar seems to be making a run at some rad bands this week; they dropped Dasher yesterday and today they bring us Midnight Sister. Both are great, but this tune’s got something extra special, falling into the vein of skewed (perhaps avant) pop music. The percussive element almost makes you ill at ease, working more like an experiment than a precision studio beat. This, however, is what makes it so striking, as the group’s playing with modern structures, throwing in small hints of the past and present to draw in listeners. Their debut album drops later on this year, and should make for some pretty special songs.

Dasher Sign to Jagjaguwar

Honestly, and this is a stretch for some of you, I know, but I feel like Ty Segall‘s gotten sort of safe, almost calm. But, for those of you who cherish is heavy, unabashed style…now you have Dasher. Drums open the track, pounding as chords knife their way through the distance, setting the scene for Kylee Kimbrough to scare you out of your seat (in the best way possible). This song seems furious to a certain degree, but the central chorus definitely has an accessible hook, which should endear the group to fans just on the cusp of heavy tunes. The group just announced they’ve signed to Jagjaguwar, so we should expect to hear more from them real real soon!

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Did You Catch This New Video From Tim Darcy?

If you weren’t already well aware of a little band called Ought, you should probably fix that really quickly and then do some acquainting with the solo project of the lead vocalist with Tim Darcy. The best way for you to do so is by watching the video below, which is Darcy’s latest single from his upcoming solo release. “Still Waking Up” is a brief glimmer of sincerity from a voice that you’ve come toexpect cynicism and sarcasm from. It’s quite refreshing, and the music video will have you harkening back to your John Hughes cinema days. Take a listen and watch below.

Saturday Night is out February 17th via Jagjaguwar. Go pre-order that here.

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