Preoccupations Strike Again!

unnamed-58Are you properly exited for the upcoming, self titled LP from Preoccupations? No? Well, this new 11 minute track from the band is bound to make that happen. “Memory” is a sprawling, seemingly endless number that features the brilliance of Wolf Parade’s Dan Boeckner. This track feels like it’s a center cut of the upcoming album, as it spans in a few different directions. First it starts with that post-punk growl that we’ve come to know with Preoccupations, but this time around it feels a bit lighter and poppier. As the song progresses, those guitars wind their way through the song and the backing “oohs” sound like ghostly wails before the band transitions into the next sound scape. Take a listen and then go preorder the album, which is out September 16th, right here via Jagjaguwar Records.

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Preoccupations Air New Video For “Degraded”

Preoccupations (FKA Viet Cong) are going to be releasing a new album soon that matches their new name, and if it’s anything like last year’s debut release, then we’re going to be in for a treat. From the sound of the singles they’ve released thus far, I believe my excitement is well motivated. Today, they’ve put out a video for the second single off Preoccupations, which is called “Degraded,” and is a three minute collection of visually stimulating images. The track itself is great– it has the dark swirling post-rock energy that Preoccupations does so well, but takes a more streamlined approach than what we heard from this group in the past. Take a listen below and hear for yourself;Preoccupations will be out September 16th via Jagjaguwarpreorder it here.

P.S. Vinyl snobs should know that Secretly Group has started a Secret Society that sends you a new exclusive colored LP every month, and Preoccupations are part of the launch. Check that out here.


Mandatory Viewing: New Angel Olsen Video

It’s possible you’ve encountered this video elsewhere on the internet today, but just in case you haven’t, it’s time for you to sit down and let Angel Olsen have your attention for a few minutes. This video for “Shut Up Kiss Me,” features Olsen in a glittery silver wig essentially throwing a tantrum on roller skates while spitting out her attitude filled lyrics. While I was already excited for her upcoming album, this single shows Olsenexploring more into the rockier side of her garage aesthetic. It’s a great track with tons of energy, and I implore you to take a listen and let it get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Also, preorder MY WOMAN right here from Jagjaguwarand get ready for its August 19th release.



New Single from Trevor Sensor

trevorI won’t lie to you. Every time I hear Trevor Sensor, I think of Tallest Man on Earth. But, that being said, I still quite like his sound, and having seen him live, he seems to have even more of an edge to his performance and attitude. If you listen closely, you can hear brief moments where he unleashes that attitude just a touch.He also possesses a slightly grim perspective on things; it is the one thing that does set him apart, making his songs worthy of your listening enjoyment. This looks to be a one-off digital single being released by Jagjaguwar on May 27th.

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Fresh Moonface and Siinai!

unnamed-37You can bet that anything that Spencer Krug touches is going to be pretty damn good, so I’m excited to share with you today that Moonface and Siinai have announced a new album and shared a single from said album. The track is called “Risto’s Riff,” and it’s a flurry of driving progressive rock with Krug’s twangy vocals at the center of the mix. While the track sprawls, with its grungey guitars and constant, cymbal crashing and steady percussion, the chorus reels it back in and keeps you jamming right alongside the group. Make sure you take a listen and thatMy Best Human Face, which will be released on June 3rd viaJagjaguwar,is on your radar.

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Trevor Sensor Signs To Jagjaguwar!

unnamed-26It’s really a pleasant surprise when an artist you discover in the trenches of the internet manages to hit it big… I mean, I posted about Trevor Sensor last June,trying to share with you all the Tallest Man on Earth-esque vibes of this youngster and now he’s on the incredible Jagjaguwar lineup. With this news, he’s shared the video below for “Texas Girls and Jesus Christ,” which is a song off of his upcoming debut EP by that same name. It’s a little bluesier than The Tallest Man, and the full band sound that joins him at the end makes for a bar-stomping good time. Take a listen.


Fresh Track From The Besnard Lakes

besnardWhat is there really to say about The Besnard Lakes, other than that they’ve been around for a little over a decade, making progressive pop music that has become a silent staple in the indie rock world? Well, the band is back with this new single, “The Plain Moon,” which has got a definite New Pornos-vibe going on; there’s a great deal of layering and texture to the song. The guitars are a bit bluesy and growl in the bottom of the mix, while the translucent vocals showcase build on each other, all parts equally distorted. The band’s got a new album due out on January 16th via Jagjaguwar, which is called A Colisuem Complex Museum. You can go preorder it here.

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Show Preview: Jenny Hval @ Holy Mountain (Tonight)

jennyThere must be a soft spot in the hearts of Holy Mountain, as they’ve got a couple of really beautiful songstresses playing their venue in the next week, Jenny Hval, however, is first up. She’s gotten a lot of praise for Apocalypse, girl, her newest album, with the 7.9 from everyone’s favorite haters over at P4K. Clearly, she’s doing something right, which should encourage you to head over to Holy Mountain tonight to check out her set. She’ll be accompanied by Briana Marela, who is know slouch in her own right, having recently released All Around Us for Jagjaguwar.  It’s a heavy hitting evening of ladies, and it’s only $11 bucks, HERE.

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Small Black Give Us Even More

unnamedIt’s been a busy year for Small Black and Team ATH has already shared two new singles from the band so we might as well go on and share a third.  This one is called “Back at Bells” and is yet again another gem sure to get you more fired up for the band’s new album.  What else is left to say really?

Don’t forget to pick up Best Blues on October 16th via Jagjaguwar.

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Smooth Synth Pop From Briana Marela

unnamed-2Chances are slim that you’ve already heard of Seattle-based Briana Marela; she got some attention for the release of her first single, “Surrender” from her upcoming album back in May, but other than that she’s remained somewhat under the radar, though I have a feeling that’s going to change soon. “Take Care of Me,” the song below, is a sonically cool track; when you start listening, you’ll notice off the bat that Marela’s vocals are quite unique and the perfect compliment to the instrumentation.  What this song brings to the table is a sleek blend of electronic elements and ethereal vocals to wrap you in a wispy vortex of sound. Briana Marela is set to release her newest album, All Around Us via Jagjaguwar in a few short weeks on August 21st. Go preorder it here.  


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