Fresh Music from Jake Xerxes Fussell

Friday’s feel like they’re great for folk tunes. Luckily this new Jake Xerxes Fussell just hit the old inbox, bringing with it a classic bit of balladeering. It’s a fairly simple take, mostly just stripped down guitar and vocals, with light accompaniment in the background. There’s a nostalgic vibe to me, reflecting the history of great songwriting gone past; it’s not a sound you hear too often these days, which is refreshing in and of itself. Really looking forward to the release of What a Natural World, an apt title; it hits on March 31st via Paradise of Bachelors.

Stunning New Tune from Jake Xerxes Fussell

The history of the furniture man runs deep through the heart of the South, appearing in various blues traditions, but Jake Xerxes Fussell gives it his own spin on this new single. You’ll hear slide guitar and careful picking throughout the tune, but in a ballad such as this, the power of the voice is what really shines. Fussell has this deep tone, but there’s a few notes where you can hear him pushing himself, straining to get every drop of emotion from within onto this recording. Hopefully you’ll find some comfort in such a strong outing, and if so, look for Jake’s new album, What in the Natural World, via Paradise of Bachelors on March 31st.