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unnamed-13-1At this point in his career, Dan Boeckner can really do no wrong in my mind. Regardless of how is making music or who with, he continues to churn out hit after hit. Today I’ve got another new track called “Blue Wave” under the Operators band name. As I mentioned previously, this is truly some great music that could easily rival his early work with Handsom furs. Carry on friend.

Operators will releaseBlue Waveon April 1st via Last Gang Records.

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Enjoy This New Weekender Tune

1443555926601Man things have been crazy busy in the real world over here and I have really been failing to bring any sweet jams of my own over the last couple of weeks.  As I begin to settle into some time off, I’ll be looking to share as many tunes as I can find starting now!  This one is from Philly based group Weekender who we’ve shared with you guys prior to this post.  Their new tune is “Floaty Feeling, Blue” which can be accurately described by the title of the song itself.  It’s for fans of Tame Impala who might want a more breezy and bright element thrown in.

Weekender will release their new EP Floaty Feeling, Blue on January 15th via PaperCup Music.

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New (ish) Jam from Royal Headache

Royal HeadacheThose of you who’ve got the Matador Singles Subscription already have this wonderful tune from Royal Headache in your collection, like myself, but the band just recently put the jam up for download, and it’s well worth your time.  Unlike their self-titled LP, which you should already own, this tune isn’t quite as frantic, though it still has the slightly noisy attitude that makes the group so remarkable.  I love hearing Shogun smoothly operate at the beginning, then go all out near the end of this track.  If they keep writing great tunes like this, there’s no reason these guys can’t be bigger than anyone else out there. Bet on it. 

New Jams From Nude Beach

nudebeachNude Beach is a band that received tons of coverage from us last year with their incredible album II.  Hell, a spot on the top songs list AND the top albums list in the same year basically means you are ATH approved for life and can do no wrong.  The band may be in for another big year and are kicking things off with this new song “I’m Giving Up”.  Of course it’s a rock n roll tune with some super slick guitars that don’t seem to quit jamming until the song is done blasting through its 2 and a half minutes.

This is the B-Side on a new 7″ single with A-side “What Can Ya Do”.

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New Jamz From Gypsy and the Cat

This song sort of rules doesn’t it?  It’s catchy as hell, it’s dancey at times, and you can’t debate that it’s a well crafted jam of a pop tune.  This fancy pants song “Bloom” comes your way from Melbourne duo Gypsy and the Cat.  Right now, this jam is being offered just as a single for all fans to enjoy.  I hope you’re enjoy it on your hump day as much as I am.


Download: Gypsy and the Cat – Bloom [MP3]

Show Pics: Pujol @ Stubb’s (9/7)

Final bit of catch up from last Friday. Pujol played Stubb’s.

In a way, Slash opened for them. The outside was over run by rock and/or roll played loudly, Myles Kennedy a far better technical vocalist than that guy with funny hair and a cat face that wrecked GnR. Cell phones abounded for the rousing closer, “Paradise City”. …and then Pujol started playing inside.

Quite a few partiers came in from outside to check out the Nashville trio, hearing the big power jams about home and girls and stuff. So peep the pics and read a couple more words after the break.

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New Pop Jam From Santah

Here’s a new jam called “Indigo” coming by way of Chicago based indie rock band Santah.  They have that jamming sort of style with funky bass beats that drop in every once in awhile sort of like Portugal. The Man tend to do things.  I’ve always had a thing for that band so I’m naturally drawn to these Chicago kids.  A new EP from the group entitled You’re Still a Lover will be available in stores on October 16th.


Download: Santah – Indigo [MP3]

Who Is In The Mood For Some Terry Malts?

Me. Pretty much always.

We love this band. They are nice. Nathan emailed me a link to a page of solid jams and this one happened to be on it so, yeah, stream some Terry Malts, people.

“Living With The Human Race” starts with big slow fuzz that yields to pummeled drums and more fuzz.

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Show Pics: Ty Segall @ Mohawk (5/25)

Last Friday was a disgustingly busy night of shows. The ATH crew split time between The Mohawk and Red7.

First up for show coverage is the four band line-up at The Mohawk headlined by Ty Segall. After the recent recorded collaboration, it was only natural for White Fence to back up Ty. Along for the ride were Memphis band Useless Eaters and one of my local favorites Rayon Beach.

Click through and play a little Where’s Waldo with the crowd pics…

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Show Pics: Washed Out @ The Mohawk (5/10)

Washed Out puns ruled the night as the rain came down by the bucket load. The drainage holes in the east side wall of The Mohawk couldn’t keep up and the patio turned into a shallow pool. I have to give it up for these fans, they stayed, they got soaked to the bone and they had fun.

Dog Bite was able to avoid the weather with their opening set, while Memoryhouse had to play through the worst of it.

More on the show and a ton of pics from a different view point after the break…

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