Show Preview: Mitski @ The Sidewinder (7/2)

Mitski_EbruYildiz_31This Saturday evening, you get the chance to catch some of the most buzzed bands of 2016 in your neck of the woods at The Sidewinder. Headlining the bill is Mitski, who is riding high off the release of Puberty 2, which came out earlier this year and is turning heads with both its beauty and its gore as Mitski explores the light and dark of indie rock. Joining the bill are Japanese Breakfast and Jay Som, who both bring something special and different to the lineup. Japanese Breakfast will floor you with their perfect dream pop, while Jay Somis an artist of the self proclaimed “woozy” genre. I suggest you get there early to get the most out of your money.

Now, tickets are sold out, but doors aren’t till 8pm tomorrow, so that gives you plenty of time to scramble around and find yourself some.



Everybody Wants To Love Japanese Breakfast

unspecifiedSometimes you hear a track for the first time and it grips you so much that you just know it’s going to be either stuck in your head or blasting out of your headphones for the next week. This week’s jam has gotta be “Everybody Wants To Love You” from Japanese Breakfast, which is the side project of Little Big League’s Michelle Zauner. This track leaps and soars; the cotton candy vocals mix so well with the backing vocals that you can’t help but to sing along. Honestly, I don’t even care if this track is yesterday’s news to you; jam it loud and relish in the lushness.Their debut album,Psychopomp,will be out April 1st viaYellow K Records.Don’t forget to look out for sets from them during SXSW as well.