More New Music From Jason Collett

A few weeks ago, I was beside myself when I heard about a new album from long time singer songwriter Jason Collett.  At the time, we only had a taste of the album with new song “I Wanna Rob A Bank”, but now Mr. Collett has offered up yet another new tune for his fan’s pleasure.  This new slow burner, “Where Things Go Wrong”, is an interesting piece of songwriting that features a downtrodden tempo with simple lyrics that accurately convey the break up message.  You can pick up new album Essential Cuts on September 25th via Arts & Crafts.


Download: Jason Collett – Where Things Go Wrong [MP3]

New Music From Jason Collett

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve heard anything from Jason Collett after the quiet release of his 2010 album Rat a Tat Tat.  Jason is delighting his fans this year with the release of two new albums later this fall.  The first is a brand new LP entitled Reckon while the second is a greatest hits of sorts LP entitled Essential Cuts.  Both of these new albums will be available on September 25th via Arts & Crafts Records.

A preview of the new material can be found below and is entitled “I Wanna Rob a Bank”.


Download: Jason Collett – I Wanna Rob A Bank [MP3]

Jason Collett – Rat a Tat Tat

Rating: ★★★½ ·

Many people will recognize the name Jason Collett for his involvement in Broken Social Scene, but this is not his first foray into solo work. Rat a Tat Tat is Collett’s fourth official album, and it has all the trademarks of his previous work, while also stepping forward into a bit of playfulness that wasn’t present on earlier recordings.

Opening this album, you find Jason dealing with relationships in his own way.  “Rave On Sad Songs” reveals his prowess as a songwriter of heartfelt tunes, something probably not accredited to his role in BSS. It’s a soft spoken song relying upon soft piano and very gentle guitar strums, which allow his distinctive vocals to tug at your heart.

Such mellow numbers were commonly featured in his last few releases, especially Idols of Exile, but as you move into tracks like “Love is a Dirty Word,” you find that Collett has gotten a little bit more lively.  As the bass line seems to shake your body, Collett delivers his idea that love is not quite all its cracked up to be.  Bouncing rhythms haven’t always been his forte, but he pulls it off here, showing that he’s got room to grow as a songwriter.  The idea that Jason is out to goof around a bit with his audience is only made stronger when you listen to “Bitch City,” which has a vocal performance reminiscent of Devandra Banhart, not to mention the subject matter.  Oddly, that same vocal effect shows up once again at the end of the album “Vanderpool Vanderpool,”  something that wasn’t noticeable on his earlier releases.

On his last record, Here’s to Being Here, we saw him exhibit a little bit of straightforward polished pop.  He still brings those lighthearted moments to this album, on songs like “Cold Blue Halo.”  There’s a fuzzed out keyboard groove that opens the number illustrating his widening set of tools, some provided by his longtime backing band, Zeus.  All that being said, the tune has a bit of foot shuffling feel to it, something sure to win out in the live setting. All playfulness aside, Collett still has the ability to write quiet numbers that find their way into your regular listening rotation on iTunes. “Long May You Love” and “Winnipeg Winds” are two songs that illustrate this point perfectly, as both have the steady stroll of acoustic pop moments attached. “Winnipeg Winds” creates an effective wind motif with the howling vocal backing that haunts the song when Jason is not at the helm.  One can assume he’s added these quiet moments to the record in hopes of keeping a perfect balance, and he succeeds in accomplishing that feat.

Focus at this time is surely on the upcoming BSS release, but aside from that project, it’s clear that Jason Collett has his own style and his own agenda to push.  Rat a Tat Tat is just another record that demonstrates what a strong songwriter he is, proving that he grows stronger as his music evolves.  Sure, it’s a lot more fun than previous works, but by making that change, Jason balances out this record, giving himself more options to write great songs in the future.


Download: Jason Collett – Love is a Dirty Word [MP3]

More New Music From Jason Collett

JCAfter dropping a new single our way last month, Jason Collett is back with another new tune floating around the internet.  This new track “Little Tiger” will appear on a new EP from Jason which includes 6 tracks recorded during the sessions for his new LP Rat A Tat Tat.  The new EP To Wit To Woo will accompany the release of the new LP hitting stores March 9th.


Download: Jason Collett – Little Tiger [MP3]

New Tunes From Jason Collett

JCOne of our longtime favorite Canadian singer/songwriters Jason Collett is returning to action in 2010 with a new album called Rat A Tat Tat.  We have the first single from that new album, “Love is a Dirty Word” available below for your listening pleasure.  Have yourself a listen and decide if you’ll be picking this one up next year.  Jason’s new album will hit stores March 9th on Arts & Crafts.


Download: Jason Collett – Love is a Dirty Word [MP3]