Rock With JEFF the Brotherhood

unnamed (13)Man it’s been a really long time since we last brought up JEFF the Brotherhood and that’s just a dang shame. Now I believe this single was floating around late last week so I apologize for my tardiness, but the song is too good to not pass along. It’s called “Idiot” and features that good ‘ol rocking and rolling sound we’ve come to love from the band over the years. I see a straight up rocker as an excellent beginning to the week.

Dine Alone Records will release new album Zona on August 12th.

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Show Preview: JEFF the Brotherhood @ Stubbs (10.22)

Date 10.22.12
Location Stubbs Indoor
Doors 8:00 PM
Tickets $10 from Stubbs

I can’t imagine how loud it’s going to be inside Stubbs tonight, but I have a feeling we’re all going to need some ear plugs to catch this great rock show over at Stubbs.  First on the bill is Jeff the Brotherhood, who’ve nailed down crunchy guitar rock with powerful hooks and anthemic lyrics on albums Hypnotic Nights and We Are Champions.  Then you have Diarrhea Planet, who definitely have a taste for the distorted guitar sound turned all the way up.  And you can’t go wrong by showing up early to catch locals Low Times! If you need a little bit of noise and a lot of fun, see you at Stubbs.


Download:Jeff the Brotherhood – Shredder [MP3]

Brand New Jam from FIDLAR

I first wrote about LA’s FIDLAR back in May of last year, so I was really excited to find a new track in ye olde inbox today.  Apparently, the band’s got another 7″ planned for March 13th, and we’ve got the one of the tracks for your listening pleasure.  This jam definitely finds them treading the same water as their bretheren in bands liks Jeff the Brotherhood, but you can definitely here a bit of the Cali touch in the way the vocals come across.  If you need a track to blast on a nice sunny day, then you better get this song and turn it up loud, as that’s the only way to rock!


Download: FIDLAR – No Waves [MP3]

Show Preview: The Kills @ Stubbs

Date Wednesday, Jan 25th
Location Stubbs
Doors 700 pm
Tickets $23 from Frontgate

One of the more enduring and endearing rock acts of the last several years is the Kills, having put out album after album of sludgy guitar rock with the always fierce Alison Mosshart fronting the group.  They’re loud, they’re bratty, and they, dare I say, always “kill” it live.  But, for me, the more intriguing opening act of Jeff the Brotherhood is what’s going to bring me to throw my dollars away.  Last year’s We Are the Champions filled my ears with hit after hit of sharp-edged jams and hooks galore.  And, they won’t be the only opener, as Hunter is set to kick the whole night off.  If you’re looking for an actual rock show featuring pure on rock n’ roll, then meet me at Stubbs on Wednesday night.


Download:Jeff the Brotherhood – Shredder [MP3]


FT5: Albums of the Year…so far

Let’s face it, every site is doing it, and perhaps we’re a little late on the run in, but technically, we just got to the midway point of the year, so I was holding off until the exact date–I don’t want to get ahead of myself.  So, in all honesty, this is going to be sort of a list of my 2011 albums of the year up to now, but I reserve the right to drastically change my opinion on any, if not all, of these choices. Come on, it’s just now July, so I’ve still got six months to hammer things out in a fully functional list.  Please remember, this is one man’s opinion, not the site as a whole, nor do we disagree with your opinions, unless you like that new Beyonce.

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Jeff the Brotherhood – We Are the Champions

Rating: ★★★★☆

Very few duos really seem to pack a punch, the last one I recall that really killed was DFA 1979, but the latest release from Jeff the Brotherhood is definitely a record that will lightheartedly kick you in the teeth.  This is a good thing, as summer needs some rock n’ roll, and that is precisely what We Are the Champions gives it listeners.   Want to have a good time, then run out the door, pick this up, and blast it as loud as you can!

Like various other bands taking this arena rock approach, namely Free Energy, you can feel the studied past of classic rock and punk flowing through the veins of the Orrall Brothers. But, what seems to put Jeff the Brotherhood far ahead of their peers is that they actually seem to be enjoying their portrayal of the sound.  “Hey Friend” spends the first half of the opening track giving you one hell of a gritty rock jam, but then it sort of breaks into something entirely different; its part Weezer, part Ramones, part arena ready rock.  It’s just plain good.

Sure, you could take a knock at the band for giving you some fairly juvenile song titles, and possibly lyrics, but occasionally, the execution matters far more than the actual thought process; such is the case on We Are the Champions.  “Cool Out’ speeds through, with a pace that would probably force Joey Ramone to think twice, but it’s got sort of a power-pop-punk feel, like early Queers albums.  Perhaps it’s the fact that the band is just a duo, forcing them to focus on their simplicity when it comes to songwriting, giving their sound something rather refreshing and clean.  “Bummer” has buzz-saw guitars and just a steady drum beat keeping time, but it’s the “whoa-ohs” and vocal harmonies that make it such a killer track. The louder the song gets, the more you just want to have fun.

But, it’s not all fast-fueled punk-ish sounding arena rock, but there are some momentary allusions to stoner-rock as well, or sludge-rock, like “Ripper.”  It just opens with this filthy jamming moment (one of the few times I like a jam), and of course it blasts off into a furious energetic blast, but the sound of the guitar definitely is filled with dirt and grime, unlike some of the cleaner sounds on earlier tracks. Really, these guys are all over the place throughout the entirety of We Are the Champions, but in an endearing fashion that makes you want to pump your fists and sing out loud.

Album highlights for me include the heavy hit “Mellow Out,” or the oddball psychedelia-hints from “Health and Strength, and definitely the closer “Wastoid Girl.”  Once you give a listen to this release from Jeff the Brotherhood, you’ll be thumbing through lyrics sheet, or pressing play over and over again, as the band has crafted an entire record full of sing-a-long hits that are sheer fun.  You’re looking for the perfect record to blast loudly while you get ready for the night? You need look no longer, as there’s nothing better today than listening to We Are the Champions.


Download: Jeff the Brotherhood – Shredder [MP3]

New Song from Jeff the Brotherhood

If you happened to be at Fun Fun Fun Fest, we hope that you caught Jeff the Brotherhood early on Saturday, as they rocked their set, winning over new fans, including us.  We’ve been waiting for this day, as the band have gotten closer and closer to the release of their second album, We Are the Champions, which will hit record stores on June 21st via Infinity Cat. Once you get a whiff of this first single, you’ll probably be on board with us too.  It’s got hints of metal, yet this far-off pop-punk vocal that sort of hangs in the background.  It’s the kind of track that you use to kick-start your day with a some high-octane energy.  Come on, join us in our love for Jeff the Brotherhood.


Download: Jeff the Brotherhood – Shredder [MP3]