Rosie Tucker Covers Arrow

If you read our blog, there are two things you surely know by now: 1) I’m a big fan of Rosie Tucker these last few years; they played our SXSW show, and I’ve tried to hype the music up as much as possible 2) I also am a big fan of Jeffrey Lewis in all his forms (Voltage, solo, Jrams), but even more so his 2003 LP It’s the Ones Who’ve Cracked That the Light Shines Through. Man, long winded run-on, that. So, why do these two things matter? Well, Rosie Tucker covers “Arrow” from said Lewis album, with a lyrical version so you can sing the words. It’s been a live staple for a bit, though I can’t confirm that as life got in the way and I totally forgot when they came to Austin and regrettably did not get a shirt, sized fat-kid. Alas, the song’s are great, both the OG version and this new one, plus it gives us a reason to keep you current on Rosie Tucker and encourage you to keep listening.

Jeffrey Lewis and the Voltage Announce Bad Wiring

There aren’t a whole lot of artists that I think are universally revered, but I know that Jeffrey Lewis has long been one such musician, at least in the circles I run about. He’s a wordsmith at heart with this dry sense of self-deprecating (for mankind) humor, with some similarities to the likes of John Darnielle mentioned often. His new album will be handled under the name of Jeffrey Lewis & the Voltage; the Voltage seems apt as there’s definitely some sonic oomph added to this first single; Lewis’ role is much as it’s always been, all the way down to his deliver, but that energetic blast is an interesting twist…or at least one I never noticed before for some reason. Lewis has found himself a US home for the release of Bad Wiring, dropping on November 1st via Don Giovanni.


Jeffrey Lewis at Beerland Tonight

In a city with an abundance of music, even during low touring seasons, you can easily get overwhelmed by shows. But, tonight at Beerland you’re getting a special treat: Jeffrey Lewis. He’s a musician at the moment, but for the past twenty years he’s also worked as an incredible comic artist (the book version not the stand up). You can check out his work and his site HERE, but show up tonight at 9 and get ready for something incredible. His last album, Manhattan, still plays steadily in my rotation, so check out the tune below. Also, you’ll get to hear Jake Gumb and Dead Sally, so technically you’re going to win all day long…and you know how America likes winning.

Did Someone Say New Jeffrey Lewis?

JeffreyLewisPMVH280711I’m really surprised that Jeffrey Lewis hasn’t gotten more acclaim throughout the world. He’s been writing some of the best lyrics for some time, with musicality to match, so I expected more people to be on board now that Jeffrey Lewis and Los Bolts have a new record to their name. Still, it’s been quiet out there, which is a shame as this song below illustrates just how much fun we’ll all have if we delve into Mr. Lewis’ catalog a little bit. From what I can gather out there, the new record is titled Manhattan and is set for a worldwide debut this Friday via Rough Trade.

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