Dance Along To This New Jens Lekman

Everyone loves Jens Lekman, that’s sort of just a known fact around the indie rock world. So I’m glad to be able to post about some new tunes from the artist in the form of this track, “What’s That Perfume That You Wear,” which is a great track to set your day in motion and get your dancing shoes on early. The song begins slowly, letting Lekman’s unmistakable vocals guide you along, building up to the introduction of the dance-rhythm, including steel drums. Take a listen and get stoked for Lekman’s upcoming release,Life Will See You Now, which is out February 17th via Secretly Canadian.

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More Chris Cohen? Yes, Please!

chrisA few years ago, I was milling about at SXSW trying to catch every band between Hotel Vegas and Volstead. Like many a year, you could easily pinpoint a sound, until I caught Chris Cohen playing. I stopped in my tracks, drawn to the gentle voice floating from the stage; it’s much the way I spent today when I heard his newest single. There’s a calm to it, something almost effortless in every musical move he makes. You’ll likely hear notes of Dent May or Jens Lekman on this track, although I think Chris takes more of a turn away from the pop-centric vibe. His new album, As If Apart, is being releasing on May 6th via Captured Tracks, and you can bet we’ll be playing it to the max.

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Sorry I Slept on Dylan Mondegreen

LIFE134_Cover480Shelflife Records is one of my favorite small labels, and with that, they’ve got an expected sound…but their signing of Dylan Mondegreen is a slight turn to the more casual side of pop music. Here you find the title track of his album Every Little Step, with Mondegreen playing the role of indiepop crooner. It’s relaxed and filled with simple melodies, which might draw similarities to Jens Lekman. I look forward to hearing the complete work from the Norwegeian, knowing I fully trust the label and their choices. Look for the LP on April 8th.

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Pleased to Meet You: Cave Babies

caveMan, I don’t know how we all do it. There’s so much music out there, that it’s hard to really dig into every thing. Luckily, I always can count on a few labels, like Lost Sound Tapes, who today just introduced me to Cave Babies. The label will be releasing a new tape from the project on February 26th, and our first listen has me really intrigued. It reminds of bedroom pop blended with some of the early work of Jens Lekman. There’s an innocence that’s enchanting and hard to pull yourself away from, so take a listen and enjoy your time. Grab a copy from the label HERE.

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And Another Idiot Glee Track

idiotaWhy not start off the week with another sweet tune from Idiot Glee? This tune has come in quick succession to the first single released, but I can see that we’ve all got to take note of this release as both of the singles are pretty special. There’s a likeness to Adam Green or Jens Lekman in the vocals on this tune, immediately holding a special place in my heart. But, I also like the way the song builds in the middle and end, piling sounds on to the voice of James Friley to create this huge wall of pop. Look for his new self-titled album on January 29th via Hop Hop Records.

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Operatic Notes from Idiot Glee

idiotaI feel like it’s been almost three years since we first wrote about Idiot Glee on these here Interweb pages. It seems like upon his return, he’s upped the ante on the production, taking his operatic notes even higher. He’s still coming across like a more forlorn Dent May or Jens Lekman, though that’s not entirely a bad thing as the pop sensibility never seems to fade from his songs. He just announced the release of his new self-titled album, and this lead single should hopefully have you listening closely. Look for the new effort on January 29th via Hop Hop Records.

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Can’t Get Enough of Anthonie Tonnon

unnamed-3Pretty sure that this Anthonie Tonnon LP is going to be a secret hit in certain spheres of the world.  It’s like an elevated version of Jens Lekman, which I’m pretty sure everyone found endearing.  The production on his latest single is spot on, letting his voice take the lead, while still giving the instrumentation the proper impact.  This is the sort of pop music that makes me swoon; it’s warm and has this lofty melody that allows my heart to swoon like a giddy school kid. Look for Successor on March 3rd via Wild Kindness.


Download: Anthonie Tonnon – Water Underground [MP3]

Show Preview: Jens Lekman @ Mohawk (11.13)

Date Tuesday, November 13th
Location Mohawk
Doors 6:30 PM
Tickets $20 @ Mohawk

Those of you searching for a blissful pop evening are going to be in luck with two great acts coming to the Mohawk on Tuesday night: Jens Lekman and Taken By Trees.  It’s going to be Swedish pop at its endearing finest, especially with both bands fresh off the release of their own albums.  Jens released I Know What Love Isn’t and Taken By Trees put out Other Worlds, both winning rave reviews.  It’s an early show, so it gives you plenty of time to revel in the glory of what you’ll witness, or you can head over to Red 7 to catch Twilight Sad’s set.  Perfect Tuesday night folks. Perfect.


Download:Jens Lekman – The End of the World Is Bigger Than Love [MP3]

More New Music from Poor Moon

It’s clearly a chilled out week on the Internet, as shown by us over here at ATH; this new track from Poor Moon is just another such example.  There’s an element of tropicalia/lounge act going on in this song; it’s got a similar touch to Jens Lekman‘s work of late.  After recently releasing an EP, the group is slated to unleash a self-titled full-length via Sub Pop on August 28th, and I’m hoping it all shapes up to sound just like this here.  Something about summertime and warm weather makes this song really come alive down here in Texas, or it’s just a great song all around.  I’ll take it either way.


Download:Poor Moon – Holiday [MP3]

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