Perfect Guitar Pop from Galants

galantsI’m a huge fan of the contrasting sounds that come from guitar pop…the blend of loudly distorted guitars draped over the soft underbelly of vocals; it’s exactly what Galants are kicking out on their newest self-titled EP. “Evergreen” blasts out immediately with the guitars moving back and forth in your speakers before they push down on the pedal to blast that happy distortion into your eardrums. The softened vocals hide in the verses, laying in wait as guitars cascade back and forth…imagine a heavier version of Teenage Fanclub. If you dig it, grab their latest EP from Jigsaw Records.

Digging on Super Paradise

superparadiseWhile the year wraps up and folks are looking to 2017, there are still a couple of hits out there waiting for you, like the new album from Super Paradise. The (now) London based act have this earnestness in their vocals that has me currently fawning over them, with their debut single offering up this blistering bit of bouncing pop. I’m tapping my toes here, trying to let myself go, and then the guitars hit a wave of distortion as the track fades out; it’s perfect. Their album, Quencebo, was just put out on CD by Jigsaw Records, which you know we support, so you should do the same.

Fresh New Scooterbabe Track

scooterbabe-by-krishna-inmula-1I’ve been a big fan of Scooterbabe since I stumbled across the group via an Athens connection. Recently, the band have begun ramping up their activity with the exciting news thattheir debut album, The Sorrow You’ve Been Toting Around, will be out on the November 4th. This new song peels away a bit of the indiepop influences to reveal a little bit of the late 90s Built to Spill and Nada Surf, which are huge moments in my personal listening experience…so of course I’m stoked on it. In a world where it seems like everyone is looking at revisionist music, this is possibly the most enchanting bit I’ve found. Pick up the record from Perfect Attendance and Jigsaw Records.

Brand New Music from Halfsour

halfsourHalfsour caught our attention when they had a release with our friends over at Jigsaw Records, and they just unleashed another couple of tunes from their forthcoming Charm School. I like how these two tracks show the two sides of the story of this band, offering one with the male front and the other featuring a female front. In that story, you get a rambunctious semi-TV Personalities feel, while the latter brings out a more pop-punk centric jam. These new jams will be featured on the new release from Disposable America and Too Far Gone Records on October 14th…this should be on your list.

French Pop from Le SuperHomard

lesuperI can always count on Jigsaw Records to provide me with something delectable, and in this case that just happens to be French act Le SuperHomard. Our first listen to their new album Maple Key is a synth soaked bit of sunny pop, dusted lightly with a nice female vocal hook that floats about. There’s energetic pulse coming from the percussive section, so that adds a fortunate layer for listeners begging for a little sugar punch. This new full length will be released on September 22nd via the label…which you should browse for added pop fandom.

So Cow Announces New Album on Jigsaw Records

socowWhen thinking about So Cow, I can’t really think of another band around that’s been able to release four albums, improving upon each release and always staying true to the sound. It’s all owed to songwriter Brian Kelly, who has decided to play all the instruments on the latest LP, Lisa Marie Airplane Tour. You can hear the history of Irish/British songwriting, personal, playful and with a little bit of ramshackle rock n’ roll; I always feel like its a better produced Television Personalities. This brand new album (the fifth full length!) will be released by Jigsaw Records on September 15th, and we’ve got this exciting new preview below for your soon-to-be happy ears.

New Music from Popincourt

popincourtSome bands play by their own set of rules, pulling in a slew of influences that don’t necessarily resonate with the modern trends. But, in the case of Popincourt, brandishing such an approach sets one apart from their peers, allowing them to rise to the top of the game. For my two cents, there seems to be a part mod, part pub-rock nod on this new single, with a hint of traditional pop sensibility. The brevity of the song allows for maximized enjoyment from the get-go, and giving mixing credits to Ken Stringfellow never hurt anyone around these parts. The new album from the project is called A New Dimension to Modern Love, and it’s being released on May 27th via Jigsaw Records, so you know it has the ATH seal of approval.

Prep Yourself for Blue Jeans

bluejeanscover-320x320When a band lists Comet Gain, The Rentals and Go Betweens (among others) as influences or approved acts you should like, I’m going to get behind them, which is where I started with Blue Jeans (who formerly went by Santa Monica Swim and Dive Club). The group is prepping the release of their debut for Jigsaw Records (also personally approved); it’s titled Songs Are Easy. On the group’s fist singe from it begins with an indiepop stomp, but I can hear some of the singer Tim Sendra’s folkier influences dangling out there until accompanying vocals via Heather Phares carry you into a more blissful arena. This thing’s all warm-fuzzes all the time; look for the debut on May 6th.

Stream the New EP from A Novel Resort

novelresortLong ago I was really excited to hear that Michael from Northern Portrait was working on a new project, A Novel Resort. But, while that first track was great, things had been rather silent until Jigsaw Records up and broke out the band’s debut EP, Island of Atlas. The songs on this EP dwell in the softer side of indiepop, trickling melodies, calming vocals and lyrics that will run through your head. If this happens to be your style, then you can grab the EP HERE, or just stream and love it below.

Delightful Indiepop from Marlovers

marloversI’ve been waiting for some news on the Jigsaw-Records front, one of my favorite labels. They just tossed up a few songs this weekend, one being this great tune from Spain’s Marlovers. Fronting the band, and particularly the vocals, is Palma de Mallorca, who has this stunning power that’s hard to pull yourself away from; it’s like a magical pop tractor-beam. The label will be releasing the band’s second album, Waves, which is destined to win over indiepop lovers across the globe. This is one of those songs that makes it feel good to be alive, so live it up.

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