Hey There Halfsour

Halfsour_091Another day, another hit from Jigsaw Records 2016 collection. This time out, we’ve got a tune from Boston’s Halfsour, bringing about a more ramshackle bit of power-pop. The track has an inner hook, but it’s coated in the way the vocals are delivered with a devil-may-care attitude; it even sounds like the tune was recorded live, giving it a punch that you don’t always get with perfected studio blends. They’ll be releasing their debut album on January 29th, and if you’re asking me, this song is one helluva way to kick things off. 

Brand New Tunes from Animal Daydream

AD_promopic2_citrus-bwHaving talked about Animal Daydream last year, it only makes sense that I give some love to their new single, “Citrus.” Well, that and it’s just a really great track looking back to a pure era in American songwriting…though the group hails from Sweden. Imagine finding yourself in Haight-Ashbury, slowly indulging in really warm harmonies and smooth Cali guitar sounds. It’s charming to say the least, but I love how some of the chords slide out in the latter half of the song, carrying you gently into the song’s bouncing closing moments. The Citrus EP will be one of the first new releases from our favorite label, Jigsaw Records, hitting in late January of next year. 

Fresh Bit of Pop from Postal Blue

postalblueWe had a Postal Blue track a few weeks ago, and we’re really excited to share this new number with you today. There’s angular guitars circling around the voice of Adriano, which as always, is quite spectacular. A slight change of pace between verse and chorus occurs, captivating the listener, turning the tune into something memorable. I couldn’t stop playing this song all morning long, and am even more excited for the new release, Of Love & Other Affections, which is coming out courtesy of Jigsaw Records on November 20th. Stream this single, dream big things and have a great day. 

Enjoy This New Cozy Catastrophes Number

cozycatasThere are some labels you stand by, no matter what, knowing they’re going to succeed more often than not. Cozy Catastrophes looks to be another musical success for the ever-solid Jigsaw Records. The Indiana outfit have just complete their album, Have You Heard of Cozy Catastrophes, and this lead single is a pretty solid glimpse at why the record could be a winner. You’ll hear a warm tone on the track, pushing it into the realm of delectable power-pop hits, though I also find touches of casual indiepop. It just makes me happy that their are tracks like this still being made all the time.

New Indiepop from Postal Blue Track

11950409_10153316561218409_2287393894174405588_oYou’re best served by having friends on the Internet that have great tastes, that way they can share with you, like the news I caught the other day about new music from Postal Blue. The Brazilian project hits it out of the park with this steady indiepop gem, forcing warm vocals through the speakers with a  jangling guitar keeping things steady. It still amazes me sometimes how individuals can craft such beautiful pop music all on their own, creating such timeless songs…so hats off to Adriano here. Look for his album, Of Love and Other Affections, in early November from Jigsaw Records.

Newish Tune from Animal Daydream

10462486_592441910854860_703342773680514304_nI first heard of Animal Daydream via their EP earlier this year on Jigsaw Records, so I was checking back in on them, doing the rounds, when I found this new tune from them. It’s strange, as the track’s not quite folk rock, yet not quite indiepop…still, there’s something undeniable about it, making it difficult to pull yourself away from it. There’s even a bit of a garage-y jangle that bounces to it, just adding another layer that creates an infectious bit for listeners. Should hopefully have news on a new EP soon, as this was the band’s first hint at what’s to come.

Stream the New Album from Knifepleats

knifeI’m an admitted fan of Rose Melberg and her work, so when we heard about a new project, Knife Pleats, I was really excited to hear what it had to offer. As expected, it’s every bit as glorious as we thought, and the full length is now available to pick up on your own. If you’re looking for something that’s just slightly hazy on the sound, but adheres to the delightful side of indiepop, then I think you’re going to want to pick up Hat Bark Beach. It’s available in the US via Lost Sound Tapes and Jigsaw Records.

Grab the New Album from Lame Drivers

lamedriversIt’s gotta be tough in this landscape, rocking out while all the others play to the masses with their psych-garage twists. So, how do you stand out? Ask Lame Drivers. They seem to have a formula that fits in with the modern day, yet has a knack to propel themselves beyond with a supreme dosage of pop rock n’ roll. The sounds are huge, but huge in the sense that they’re geared towards power-pop fans gathering at the front stage of your favorite arena! They’ll be releasing their new effort Chosen Era in October; it’ll be handled by two of our favorite, Jigsaw Records and Bleeding Gold Records.

Indiepop Delight from Sleuth

sleuthAre you looking for the perfect place where Alvvays and Allo Darlin meet? That perfect indiepop comes in way of Vancouver’s Sleuth. The vocal qualities seem to lean more toward the former, while the musical aspirations closely resemble that of the latter. It harkens back that perfect late 90s era of pop music…no bullshit, just great songs. They’re doing a limited release of their latest album, Out of the Blue Period, via Kingfisher Bluez and Jigsaw Records this month, so if you know anything about modern indiepop, you know this is always a trustworthy source.

Say Hi to The Glow Cats

glowcatsAnother day, another great discovery from Jigsaw Records.  This time around the label has unearthed The Glow Cats, a Danish band that’s been around for some time now. The label is releasing Cat Bits, which is a compilation of sorts for the band, though it includes four brand new songs that will start off the 28 track collection. The songs you’ll hear are bouncy, they’re jangling, and they’re pretty spot-on brilliant.  It’s one of those spirited acts that makes being an indiepop fan so perfect.  Give a listen and head to Jigsaw to grab the album for yourself.


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