New Jonathan Something

Jonathan Something has been dropping bonus tracks to last year’s Outlandish Poetica, and I think those hanging on the highs of indie rock will surely fine something to enjoy. At times, Jon sends his voice through your speakers much like Hamilton of Walkmen fame, though he pulls it back to more intimate delivery that perhaps lends it to a Tallest Man on Earth vibe. Musically, it’s hard to pinpoint, bouncing sort of all over the place, but that organ/keyboard in the distance definitely felt like it was drawing me into the track. If you like what you hear, OP is still available via Solitaire Recordings.

Fun New Track From Jonathan Something

It’s almost summer around these parts for teachers, and as I struggle to make it to the finish line, I need some inspiring songs to help motivate me. This new song called “Outlandish Poetica” from Jonathan Something is sure to perk me up and help me survive the next coming weeks. The track has a very playful vibe to it, similar to something you might hear from the early days of Wilco, but with more of an explosive sound to it. Call it what you will, it’s sure to brighten your day.

An album sharing this song’s title will be released sometime in August or September via Solitaire Recordings.

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