Fun Fest 2009 In Photos, Take 1

FFFfest_2009_01_bannerOver our weekend of Fun Fun Fun, we had lots of fancy photographers running around taking pictures for us to capture the madness that went down.  Today we want to share come photos by our long time photographer Jonathon Edwards.  He’s been working hard for us for quite some time now and I think you’ll agree that his work is always pretty impressive.  So take some time to have a look and re-live the weekend that was Fun Fun Fun Fest.  Follow the jump for photos.

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ATH Showcase Recap

athshowcase_coverSo in case you didn’t hear, Austin Town Hall put on a little SXSW showcase last weekend.  We had 5 bands handpicked based on how much we like them and how much we wanted to hear them play live together.  All in all, the show turned off without a hitch and even ended on time for everyone to get their shit together and still get a beer afterward or make it to Auditorium Shores.  Follow the jump for a brief review of our bands and see some fancy photos.

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June 6th Whitman Show @ Emo’s Lounge

Have you seen my face?  I think I left it on the floor of Emo’s Lounge on Friday night.  Austin darlings Whitman brought the jams out on Friday night at Emo’s Lounge here in Austin.  Most would think the band would be a bit sloppy having been absent from the stage for around two months but that wasn’t the case on Friday. Read more