Friday Top 5: Emerging Austin Artists 2014

2014 Austin BannerThose in Austin have surely taken note that the Austin music scene seems to have been on a high as of late, and 2014 is starting to look just as good for our local community.  We wanted to take a little time out of your day to harp on some new acts, or acts that we expect huge things from in the upcoming year.  They’re numbered in no particular order, just the five artists to look into. Feel free to disagree, and add on to this list so we know who else to keep an eye on. I completely expect a few of these artists to emerge beyond Austin and make some pretty heavy national waves as well.

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Austin Show Spotlight: Jonly Bonly @ Hotel Vegas (10.4)

1292093_463301757118779_791286496_oI get it folks, ACL just isn’t your thing.  You’re probably trying to stay away from the hordes of people in the downtown area too.  So why not enjoy a righteous night of rock n’ roll by heading over to Hotel Vegas to catch one of the hottest new bands in town.  Okay, so Jonly Bonly might not be new boys, with members of Sweet Talk and OBN IIIs taking the helm, but the band itself is fairly new; I’ve been rocking out to the few songs they passed my way, and I’m expecting them to blow the socks off Austin in no time.  You like catchy proto-punk with a garage rock bent? Yeah, you better be there this Friday night.  They’ll be playing with Trustees and DJ Andrew McCalla to make your night both cheap and fulfilling; it all follows the Richard Buckner set! Oh, and here’s one of those sweet rocking tunes I was talking about.  Meet your favorite new band people!


Download: Jonly Bonly – Never Thought I’d Die [MP3]

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