J Fernandez Brings You Perfect Bedroom Pop

J Fernandez will be releasing what will surely be a lovely collection of pristine pop this Friday via Joyful Noise, and just dropped a new track/video for “Volcanic Winter.” This song shows off how subtleties are Fernandez’ game and he is indeed the master of said game. A simple bass line and easy drum beat greet you before the track really launches in on its covert attack on your attention. You get some gentle twangy guitar and then a squeal of synth rises in sound and Fernandez’ vocals enter. His vocals have this warm, yet hollow, quality to them; you hang on every word as he paints a picture of a desolate landscape. These twinkling synths patter in and out of the heavily layered mix, and you’re simply hooked. It’s a grand track that presents itself meekly at your feet–prepare for repeated listening.

Occasional Din willbe out this Friday, 11/9. Grab your copy here.


Loving This New J Fernandez

The end of the year is rapidly approaching, which means we’ve got to get our year-end list started! But, before we go that route, there’s still a few solid releases hanging on in 2018, like this forthcoming LP from J Fernandez. It has this timeless blend of classic pop arrangements, and structures, with some psychedelic guitar touches bringing the kids back to the table. There are some electronic elements that create the perfect cocoon to wrap around J’s melodies, and in such a way that there’s just a hint of oddity, so you’re guaranteed to steer clear of run of the mill. Occasional Din will be out on November 9th via Joyful Noise.

New Tune from The Ophelias

I’m really impressed by the sounds coming out of the Ophelias camp in lieu of their next LP. Their latest shared composition is a wondrous take on modern indie rock aesthetics. Of course, I’m drawn into the way the intonation is changed in each syllable of the vocals, not to mention the way voices seem layered upon one another. But, the power of the vocals wouldn’t be as strong if it weren’t for the surrounding accompaniment; the swelling string works adds great depth. Almost everything seems like its running in a huge loop, as if the band were listening to tons of early trip-hop and decided to spin it in their own direction. They release Almost via Joyful Noise on July 13th.

Optiganally Yours Make Catchy Pop Music

Rob Crowe has long been a staple on ATH with his work in the now legendary indie band Pinback. He’s a busy guy in the music game, and 2018 will be no different as he is currently working on a massive box set collection under a multitude of names and aliases. One of his first releases of the year is coming with his friend Pea Hix under the moniker Optiganally Yours. Now most of you are likely not familiar with the name, but the duo actually released some material back in ’97 & ’00 but have been pretty dormant ever since. So after many years of quiet, the guys wrote a whole bunch of new songs with influences from their previous demos and whatnot. The very first single of this material is called “Night Shop” and is an incredibly catchy pop song with those always irresistable vocals from Rob. This might be my top single of the year. For reals.

Optiganally Yours will release new album O.Y. In Hi-Fi on July 20th via Joyful Noise.

More From Busman’s Holiday

unnamed-14This new album from Bloomington, IN based band Busman’s Holiday is slowly becoming one of my sleeper picks for a Top 25 album of the year. Here’s more proof with latest single “Evening Flow”. Once again we are treated to something truly unique with a sort of theatrical, atmospheric core to the song which shifts dramatically into a doo woop, crooner finish. It sounds a little crazy sure, but you won’t hear anything else like it. Try it out.

Busman’s Holiday will release their new EP Popular Cycles on October 14th via Joyful Noise.

Unique New Track From Busman’s Holiday

unnamed-3Bloomington, Indiana has sort of become this weird new spot for up and coming indie music over the last decade or so. Though not near as prolific as say a Brooklyn or Portland, some solid bands are coming out of the area as evidenced by a group like Busman’s Holiday. The music created here is a type of indie folk music blended with some nice horns and full of chant style lyrics. Their latest single below entitled “What We Need We Know” is a perfect example of the style I’m talking about. It’s worth a listen or two.

Busman’s Holiday will release a new EP entitled Popular Cycles on October 14th via Joyful Noise.

Enjoy Some Helvetia

helvetiaHelvetia is a group we’ve been talking about for years now and you have to know that we’ll be sharing their tunes when they come our way.  Today I’m pleased to share with you their latest single “A Dot Running for the Dust”.  It’s an organ heavy, sort of throwback emo style, melodic tune.  It’ll take you a few listens, but I’m sure you will find more and more to enjoy with each play.

You can pick up Dromomania on October 2nd via Joyful Noise.

Yonatan Gat of Monotonix Readies EP

yonatanIt’s fair to say that the world had grown accustomed to the work of Monotonix, so Yonatan Gat decided to take a step out for a moment.  In doing so, the guitarist for the band has created his own work that channels the expansive sound of Brazilian acts like Os Mutantes, yet still maintains that hard hitting energy we are used to from Gat.  The two tracks we’ve heard have little to no lyrics, so perhaps it sounds like a bit of a jam, but at least it’s a jam we can fully support.  His Iberian Passage EP will be out on May 27 via Joyful Noise.

Joyful Noise Recordings Sampler

The nice people at Joyful Noise Records have another end of the year sampler you can download for free.  This is another free sampler from record labels as they hope to remind us all what great albums they put out in the last year.  Can you say year end lists?  Download the sampler now.  We’ve also got highlight track “Suspended Air” from Indiana band, The Delicious.


Download: The Delicious – Suspended Air [MP3]