ATH @ X Games Austin 2015

ATH was invited to attend X Games and we agreed based on the strength of he local lineup that graced the big stage during the day leading up to the headliners and then on to the Super Stage mega headliners. The cool part was that my access allowed me to moonlight as a sports photographer. We all have a history of skateboarding or riding a bike or something rad like that, don’t we? I worked in a bike shop to buy my Haro freestyle bike and still have my Lance Mountain special edition in the office. To get to see some guys like Dennis McCoy and Tony Hawk still riding and skating at a high level and catch the innovation coming from so many guys from Austin along with rally car and truck racing and maniacs on dirt bikes, it was an exciting change up to my usual subject matter. I got a little twitchy not shooting f2.8 or bigger and ISO 200? What is that? I don’t leave the house for less than ISO 2500. #concertphotographerjokes

So join me as we take a trip down memory lane and talk X Games…

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Catchy Tune from Joywave

You’ve gotta kick the week off right, right? That’s what I was thinking, so I went and decided to post this upbeat number from Joywave.  The group is about to release their Koda Vista EP.  If this track below is any indication, this is definitely going to be the party record when all Spring takes over.  At first, the track seems to throw everything into the song, filling it with bombastic sounds, yet during the chorus you’ll definitely find a nice vibe that comes across in a very clean manner.  Just give this one a try, and I have a feeling you’ll be picking up the album from the group soon.


Download:Joywave – Who Do You Like? [MP3]